There is already the correct answer that there is currently no native Dark Mode offered by SE for the Mathematics SE (or indeed any SE site). While we wait, I'll just point out that there are browser plugins for e.g. Chrome that allow you to have a (less than perfect) dark mode on pretty much any website. An example screenshot with MathJax: Other ...


Dark mode is only available for Stack Overflow. There are pending feature requests and discussions on the main Meta see e.g. Plans for dark mode for all Stack Exchange sites


It is not possible to make an image whose colors vary depending on whether the background is light or dark. The PNG* standard simply describes the color of each pixel, including an alpha channel; it has no provision for "responsive" images. However, there is a workaround: You can also use the inverse, black text with a white outline. The point is, ...


Transparent png test: On white it looks like On black it looks like It doesn't "work" on coloured backgrounds:

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