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How to handle a "hidden" answer

Your answer was deleted by a moderator because, at the time, it appeared to be more of a comment than an answer. Posts which are deleted by moderators cannot be undeleted, except by another moderator ...
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5 votes

Searching for a deleted answer to my question

Generally speaking, people are permitted to delete their own answer, and Stack Exchange tries to respect that preference when possible. This is a good thing. It seems like common courtesy towards the ...
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3 votes

Can I retract a flag on a deleted post?

In the network Meta post Cancel misclicked flags, according to this answer by Michael Stum (who is currently a staff member and, I assume, was also when the answer was originally written), You also ...
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Searching for a deleted answer to my question

I declined the custom flag since the answerer has the option of deleting their post if they think it is erroneous or needs improvement. If the post in its current state were undeleted, it would simply ...
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