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status-review My biggest complaint is about all the wasted space. I think the text size of the headers is the biggest culprit. When I go to the main page of, there's just an egregious amount of wasted space. A user on meta suggested one improvement here. Whether you agree with that suggestion or not, there's got to be a way to use the space more ...


status-completed bug Yet another problem with this is that (at least in a comment) a link is barely distinguishable from usual text. How is anybody supposed to tell at a glance that 7 old answers is a link? THE LACK OF CONTRAST IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM. In other words, the problem is not unlike what I complained about last time. Did anybody actually test ...


As Jin describes it in the original Design Ideas for Mathematics Site post, it's a Penrose triangle made of cubes, with the corner cubes removed: The absence of the corner cubes makes the "impossible object" illusion somewhat less striking (in fact, I'm not even 100% sure that it's still impossible to construct out of actual cubes), but if you look closely, ...


I am a bit inconvenienced by the use of very light grey hues. This only affects a small number posts, so not a pressing concern. Just this morning I was typing a comment to a new user, whose (totally misplaced) post was getting the usual amount of negative attention. It had reached a score of -3, and was faded out accordingly. Except that I still had to see ...


A couple of little problems: status-completed bug When you ask a question, there is an info box on the right which gives advice on how to ask a question. The text "Provide details" is a link. It is hard to tell that it is a link (due to the low contrast and lack of bolding). Indeed, as pointed out in the comments below, this is a a more global issue&...


status-completed Thanks for your feedback, I updated the color to #333 (as it was before). It will be live after our next production build. The voting arrows/text seem faded, as if they are disabled.


Let me comment with CSS style overrides I use, slightly updated for the new theme. Those style overrides also apply to first-time visitors to which the new site theme must appear like a torrent of voluminous screams under which the good stuff is buried, by now almost without trace. Let me note that I am an old-school desktop user who does not like eternal ...


status-completed Thanks for your feedback, I set the font family to the default font we are using on the site (Helvetica Neue/Helvetica/Arial/sans-serif) instead of the serif font. Could the typeface in the textbox for entering comments please go back to monospaced? The proportional typeface is not good for editing markdown or (especially) MathJax source. ...


status-completed I increased the font size from 10px to 12px. It will be live after our next production build. The numbers in some places are unreasonably small, which might be a problem for people like me who have limited vision. Examples: Also, little-grey-text-on-white-background doesn't help in the visibility department


status-completed Thanks for your feedback, it's now fixed and will be live after our next production build. The comment author and timestamp are now in the same color. Having the timestamp a less intrusive fade gray makes the username more readable (especially with the "just now" text, it disturbs me): $\ $ as it is now more like it used to be


Yet another misalignment: The culprit is the margin-top: -1px of the .delete-tag. A margin-top: 3px produces a proper alignment:


status-completed Thanks for your feedback, it's now fixed and will be live after our next production build. Would be cool to have the numbers aligned with the text. Properly aligned the list would look like this: or like this:


There seems to be a lot more whitespace in various places than before. What immediately stands out to me as not-very-pretty is that there's too much vertical space between the question title and the dotted line below it, on a question page. Also, consider this screenshot from my profile summary page: There's too much vertical space between the subheadings ...


status-completed The free form flag has a text box which exceeds the size of the dialog. (Edit: Four months without this being fixed, here's what needs to be changed, the "textarea" class for this input box should be set to 63 columns, and not 80. Comparing with the CSS contents on MathOverflow, there the width is set explicitly to 575px (which is ...


status-review bug Here is a screenshot of the behavior I mentioned in the comment. Note how the title of one question is completely misaligned. This happens precisely on questions with tags I have as favorite. I am using Chrome for Linux.


The new design is TERRIBLE. Please, delete it or put an option to rollback. PLEASE!!! Delete as soon as possible the left navigation column.


I like the simplicity of the current math design, and I like the simplicity of the redesign. The graphpaper background is maintained and appears to remain pretty subtle. Cool. We aren't going to revisit the choices we've made around simplification, so it would be more productive to keep feedback focused on the application of the new theme scheme. I don't ...


I think the orange on meta has something pretty agressive (even more in contrast to the surrounding grey/black) and therefore is not meta suited. A more "calm" color would be good, particularly for questions involving opinions.


status-completed I think its more a bug than anything else (or maybe there is a good reason for that). In profile, when I pass my mouse over my questions some grey lines appear (one or two, depends where is the mouse). However these lines do not appear for any other list in my profile. May be relevant: I use Chrome


status-review 1. Repeated/overlapping equations in duplicates previews (for example through review queues): (Go to review queues, review question that has flagged duplicate, click to Close, select duplicate of...). I don't remember seeing this before the new theme (I might be wrong though, but anyway would be nice to have this fixed). This happens in Chrome ...


Comment turned answer per request. The choice of the new font face is horrible. It is much thinner than before. Instead of a much sharper image as what one would naively think, it makes it much harder to read (especially for those with poor eyesight).


Some of the link colours have been darkened to such an extent that they are hard to discern from the other text (particularly on some backgrounds): As one can see, "help center" and "edit the question" are hardly identified as links. Once clicked ("improve the question"), the contrast is a bit better, but something needs to be done about this. I want links ...


I'm visually impaired and have huge problems with the new design. I use the "Zoom only text" and a larger font under "Options" in Firefox. That worked great with the previous design. However, because of the bars (left and right) it's now hard to navigate the site and follow threads. Two pictures: Hard to compose questions because of the tight space: ...


Personally, I don't care about all the other changes, really, but please keep the "last seen" status $\color{red}{\text{red}}$ for users who logged on SE less than 30 minutes ago. The $\color{orange}{\text{orange}}$ color was reserved for those who logged on between 30 minutes ago to 1 hour ago. Now this is confusing for me to see $\color{orange}{\text{...


status-bydesign As mentioned in the comment, the left nav is still availble under the hamburger menu in the top left. I did go to left nav link and turned off left nav panel as instructed (with some difficulty). But now I can't navigate at all - my work flow is to go back to the question list after looking at a question. The back button isn't always the ...


When I use a zoom > 100, say 125% , the subscripts and the low parts of the equations are masked by the scroll-bar, for example : I read somewhere that zoom > 100% is not supported. Of course, this explains why the malfunction occurs. Never mind. Nevertheless this is a shame because the people with poor eyesight have trouble reading the equations ...


It would appear that it is not: Introducing Dark Mode (beta) for Stack Overflow. There are a lot of challenges to implementing dark mode across a platform like ours. We are among the 40 largest websites in the world in terms of monthly unique visitors. We also have hundreds of communities with different design aesthetics. On top of our public Q&A ...


Let us talk about the review page: In order: Misalignment between adjacent text segments Excessively large spacing Off-center text Huge button, small text

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