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This, I think, is the move to https links, where all the links which point to SE were silently edited in the background from http to https. For example,, which points out to the date in question being April 13, 2017.


Bad robo audits can be frustrating, but they don't really do much, apart from make you wish the robo auditor had a neck you could squeeze. The criteria for how it chooses the "right" choice is explained here and is clearly prone to occasional errors. (If it weren't, why would we need reviewers?) It is possible to get an automatic review ban for failing ...


This question comes up on many of the StackExchange sites; see for example here for example, which in turns references another site. The wording is fixed across sites, and is intended to provide a helpful reminder to someone thinking about up- or down-voting. There has also been discussion in the past about changing the tooltip, particularly for Meta sites ...


Undeleted, redeleted,re-undeleted and locked (but for how long?) About the Continuum Hypothesis asks a reasonable question that has been answered many times before. It was properly closed as a duplicate. But it was then deleted, even though it had six upvoted answers with scores from 3 to 13. I think this was unnecessary and counterproductive. I'd like ...


Undeleted I nominate Factorising the ideal $(14)$ in $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{-10})$ into a product of prime ideals. for undeletion since the question asker has self-deleted his/her own question after receiving an answer. This is unfair the answerer who spent time and effort writing the answer, which deserves evaluation from the community.


Undeleted. Please undelete Bounding the number of edges in a graph satisfying a certain property since the question asker has self-deleted his/her question after receiving an answer.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible