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Examples of poor review audits

I missed this one: For me, it looked like a text and an image, somewhere behind an image link. So I wanted to edit the question in order to see both the text and the image on one screen. ... but ...
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Is it rude to ask for confirmation/proof of my conjecture?

In general, such a question is probably off-topic here (not rude to ask, just not on-topic, and likely to be closed). The goal of the StackExchange network is designed to create a repository of high ...
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Is it rude to ask for confirmation/proof of my conjecture?

Stated properly, it is neither rude nor off-topic. But: (1) You should formulate this not as a conjecture but as a question. (2) You should follow general guidelines on How to ask a good question.
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What's the reputation of MathSE among students and more casual users?

The mods are out of control on this site. If content is not of PhD level, or intensely obfuscated to appear so, it is generally removed. I would assume the point of math stack exchange and math ...
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MSE's policy on restricting the use of downvotes for answers: Targeting a member or ANY non-scientific reasons?

As the question has been reopened, I will provide an answer: this is not going to happen. Enforcement From a technical standpoint, users may, with very few exceptions, vote (up or down) for any ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

Reopened, closed, reopened Is it true if a face of a graph is not homeomorphic to an open disk, then we may find a noncontractible curve contained in the face? It was closed because " Please ...
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Is a separate tag (differential-calculus) needed?

I would support creating the synonym differential-calculus $\to$ derivatives. If this response has more upvotes than downvotes in a week or two, do exactly that.
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May I ask big-list questions like so?

No. Each post should contain only a single question. This site is designed as a place where people can collaborate to build an archive of knowledge, in the form of questions and answers. Much of the ...
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Congratulations: the big thread!

Congratulations to Arthur for getting into the 200K club! As stated in an earlier answer about reaching 100K: Not bad for someone who describes himself as an “hopeful mathematics student with some ...
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Please help improve this question on whether nCk and nCn-k are topologically equivalent

The questions of yours that I have seen so far are indicative of someone who does not know what they are doing, but is reaching for all sorts of cool-sounding concepts and confusing things further. &...
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Is it correct a member or moderator who wants to close a question uses Down Votes to force MSE members to not answer that question?

I believe that the question being discussed is . There is a lot to unpack here, and the meta question posted above is, I think, leaving out a lot of details. ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

Undeleted I would like to request undeleting the following answer: Reason: I posted the original question, which is in fact well answered by the deleted ...
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My answer deleted and converted to a comment?

I had the same thing happen to me today (4/28/2024); I lost 35 reputation points on it (two upvotes and an approved answer). The original answer I had was a hint, because I'm usually careful not to ...
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θ vs. $\theta$ - What is preferred? Unicode or MathJax?

I have Greek installed as a secondary input method, and it's a lot faster to switch the keyboard layout to Greek and then type in a Greek letter than to type the latex command, especially if there are ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

Undeleted. Would you please undelete this post? What is missing from this proof in topology? The asker deleted it just after receiving my answer. Btw, in such a situation, is it really "worth ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

Re-opened. Please consider reopening Example of a PID in which $SL_n \neq E_n$. This is a highly nontrivial and natural question of broad interest which certainly should have an answer somewhere on ...
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What is the reason behind my question getting closed?

This is a question-and-answer site. It is your responsibility to articulate a specific, answerable question. Normally, a question ends with a "?". Usually, it is best to lead off with ...
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