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Shouldn't downvoters undo their downvotes to questions which are later edited and improved?

On broad downvoting patterns There are two basic reasons why I downvote questions (and I hope that these are the same for others as well). The first is to elicit improvement. I do this about $40$% of ...
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Why was this q downvoted?

My opinion: I think the actual idea behind the question is good, but the way you have presented is not good. You should write up the question with relevant context from the book so that it could be ...
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How to respond to newbie answer.

MSE is a difficult site to use. You have to know a variety of soft skills to have any chance of being able to partake in this community with ease. With that in mind, I think we can be forgiving and ...
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Better attitudes towards voting

I'd like to write about just one concrete point raised regarding consequences of downvoting: should we pull punches if we think the recipient would react negatively? I don't think so It is a good ...
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