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There are two questions wrapped up in this post: "What's wrong with my answer?", and "Explain downvoting behavior.". AlexanderGruber addresss the first question, so I'm going to respond to the second. At least let me know is anything wrong in the solution so that I can correct it. ... I don't mind even the post gets deleted but there ...


Thank you for making efforts to answer questions on the main site. I think your picture is a good hint. I personally prefer your first version. That said, people perceive answers differently. And people downvote an answer for all sorts of reasons, good or bad. Unless there were massive ill-intention serial downvoting, you can't really control how people vote....


People are downvoting your answer because the question called for a proof and you posted a picture. While it is a nice illustration of the concept, it is inadequate on its own. You might improve your post by adding algebraic details showing how your idea is correct.

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