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Down voting a new comers questions can demotivate him/her because we don't know of which questions are of what importance.which is only known to the poser simply down voting to close it is a bad feature of this community


Originally intended to be a comment, but I find that it is more of an answer than a comment. I would suggest modifying the website to force newcomers to read the "Asking a good question" (and possibly making it a bit more detailed than it is now) and a small quiz to verify that they have read the rules. This method will reduce the number of new ...


In my opinion, there certainly needs to be a level of restraint shown to first posts—not to all of them, but most of them. I think many contributors take objection to this idea because it is signposted how people should ask good questions. For example, there is a pop-up menu that explains how to ask such questions: To me, however, the fact that such ...


I agree that the First Posts review queue calls upon Reviewers to do more than simply downvote and close. The instructions at the top of that page say: This is the first question asked by a new user. Help them learn to use the site by reviewing their post. An anonymous downvote or vote-to-close without feedback is particularly unlikely to "help them ...

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