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I believe that such "answers" should not simply be flagged as "not an answer" because they are trying to bring a potentially bad situation our attention (in essence, they are much closer to being flags than simple comments). If users/reviewers can find information that would back-up claims made in such answers, flagging the question for specific moderator ...


As I am the moderator who dealt with those questions, let me address this issue: first and foremost, let me note that, as an instructor myself, I am sympathetic to the desire to prevent cheating. It offends me when students attempt to use Math SE to cheat on exams or competitions. That being said, the goals and policies of Math SE are orthogonal to these ...


To the best of my knowledge SE will not disclose this information, and it might be illegal for them to do so in the given context. If you consider it as worthwhile you could ask SE directly using "contact us." I understand that the situation is not ideal and potentially frustrating, but I am afraid there is not much I can do related to this.


Another new set is out for this year, if people could keep an eye out that'd be great. Thanks!


This subject was already raised from a different angle Corona virus, educational institutions closures... The poster there argues that we should be more permissive. Due to the spreading of Corona, more an more schools as well as higher educational institutions are closing. There is a change of more questions coming to this website from students who now ...


There's a new set of problems for the year again if anyone who would like to could keep an eye out that'd be great:


Bumping this for another year of problems with a Dec 1 deadline. One of them has already been posted and closed, so just having eyes out for this will help. Thanks!


The kind of question that could appear on an exam is too much an issue of personal opinion for this to be a broad MSE question. For example, your examples discuss questions like "State X theorem and give a proof". I think questions like this are terrible and would never put one on an exam - if I think the theorem is important, I will ask a question that ...

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