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Is it a duplicate if the same question exists in another site?

I think an answer linking to and summarizing the "duplicate" would be appropriate in such cases. I have posted such answers a few times, usually marking them as community wiki.
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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

Probability probability "Two Children Puzzle / Boy Born on a Tuesday" and variants: In a family with two children, what are the chances, if one of the children is a girl, that both ...
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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

Questions about [irreducible-polynomials] concerning generic methods: Methods to see if a polynomial is irreducible How to choose correct strategy for irreducibility testing in $\mathbb{Z}[X]$? ...
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What do upvotes and downvotes mean on Meta?

I am adding this answer because the question came up again recently and, while much of what I wrote is a little redundant, there is an aspect of the culture of MSE which I think is worth discussing. ...
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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

A couple of analysis exercises that appear frequently: prove that $f'(a)=\lim_{x\rightarrow a}f'(x)$. if $f'(x)\rightarrow L$ as $ x \rightarrow \infty$, $-\infty \leq L \leq \infty $ ...
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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

Continued Fractions continued-fractions Pell Equations: algebra direct connect pell eqn soln $(p_{nk},q_{nk})$ with $(p_n + q_n\sqrt{D})^k$
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How are policies, norms, and rules are determined in this community?

(The following is Teresa Lisbon's comment, which I will post it as an answer.) Most policies get voted on by a "meta" (and not "main") majority. Now it is up to you as to whether ...
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