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As an alternative, if you're alright with installing userscripts on your browser, you can try one of Samuel Liew's useful userscripts: Post Headers & Question TOC. It provides (among other things) a table of contents of answers in the right sidebar. Clicking on the entry of an answer scrolls the page to the beginning of that answer. I expect this would ...


In the righthand column, click on the "timeline" link: This brings up the timeline for the given answer. From that timeline, click the link at the top of the page to get to the answer itself:


You can use dcases from mathtools, although I don't know how it works since I tried using the require command and it didn't work. You can find the package and the environment here. For $\rm\LaTeX$ though, it makes the subfunctions render in a displayed style.


This question might be a little off-topic for Math Meta—you are likely to get a better response from However, since typesetting is often an issue on the main Math SE site, I suppose that this question is also in-scope here. Don't use \choose. The \choose command is a plain TeX command, and is not really appropriate for use in LaTeX. Instead, use ...


Add \Large in front of the whole thing: $$\Large\text{No. palindromes} = \begin{cases} {n \div 2 \choose (n-k) \div 2, k \div 2}, & n = 2x, k = 2y \\[2ex] {\lfloor n \div 2 \rfloor\choose (n-1 -k) \div 2, k \div 2}, & n = 2x +1, k = 2y \\[2ex] {\lfloor n \div 2 \rfloor \choose (n-2 -k) \div 2, k \div 2}, & n = 2x +1, k = 2y + 1 \\[2ex] 0, & n ...

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