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Suggestion to mass-replace links to

Thanks for raising this one to our attention. We've now executed the requested change. As with all link replacements, we do expect a bit of routine cleanup work, so be on the lookout for any cases ...
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Accessing answers from the Timeline page?

This feature request is now implemented: see 'The timeline view for a question should include links to the answers' at Meta Stack Exchange for details. Quoting from Felippe Rangel's answer there: We'...
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Is possible to use a spoiler for a list in a question of a proof?

This is from the link in The Amplitwist's comment. The following mix of spoilers with HTML ...
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About a possible change of instructions to ask a question, for beginners.

More of a long comment than an answer. I like the table a lot, but in my opinion, it's probably too long. I can't imagine any new user who would be prone to posting a PSQ reading much of it. (There ...
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