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13 votes

What is the difference between following a post and bookmarking a question?

As @Zacky mentioned, there is a proposed FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange. That focuses on the facts; I wrote an answer to a similar question on Arqade about the advantages of both features: You should use ...
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12 votes

How to categorize questions I follow

It is possible to "Save" a question by clicking on the little icon below the downvote arrow which appears next to each question. Saved items are automatically placed on a "For later&...
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10 votes

A way to "watch" questions?

Just added today... the "follow" feature.
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3 votes

Notifications to followers of a question about its status updates (closed / open)

For post reopening: Post owners receive an inbox notification when their closed question is reopened. See Are users notified when their questions are reopened?. Post followers receive an inbox ...
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2 votes

Double notification when pinged on a followed post

This was fixed back in April/May.
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