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6 votes

MathJax formulas appearing twice

False alarm: caused by chrome extension I should have checked before what happens when I turn off all my extensions (or log into chrome from a different user). It turns out the culprit was an obscure ...
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4 votes

MathJax rendering bug on chrome/android

This is being caused by the semantic enrichment (used in handling speech text and expression exploration). The enrichment is being confused by the vertical bar being used for "such that" in the set ...
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1 vote

Expanded Usercard not Working in Vivaldi

That's fine, I can still see your expanded usercard (No need to panic about that previlege, I have just had only $300$ points today). I'm using Stands Fair AdBlocker on Google Chrome, I'm not sure if ...
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1 vote

Expanded Usercard not Working in Vivaldi

Looks like my popup blocker was the problem. If you want this feature to work, make sure you disable your popup blocker on SE sites.
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