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This was an automatic edit by the Community user as part of the recent network-wide change to https. In reality, an SE developer was responsible behind the scenes for this edit (and many many others in the same time period). The proper course of action is to simply ignore this edit, and all others like it: they were made for a reason.


I'm that user, so let me chime in here. I'm not sure why this process isn't automated like with questions and answers. As a few of my edits were approved by a Stack Exchange employee, I don't think there is something wrong with it. But I keep the following in mind: For the protection of our users, it's better to make all external links HTTPS instead of ...


Here's my answer if the edit were really by a newbie with low rep: let it stand if it's correct. When I see newbie answers to old already answered questions I'll sometimes comment with a welcome message, then mildly suggests that this particular contribution didn't add much, but that I hoped to see more posts that did. I don't downvote. I remember that ...


Sorry about this. By design, browsers will not send the referer when coming from an HTTPS site to a non-HTTPS site, which breaks the ad. To counteract this, I've added a route where you can specify the site manually. This should work for all users: I've edited your Community ...


When accessing a pages with MathJax via the HTTPS protocol, we now use the CDN specified by the MathJax FAQ: How do I access the MathJax CDN using a https secure connection? The MathJax CDN utilizes Rackspace’s CDN service. Unfortunately, this currently does not offer https support for the default address However, as an alternative, you can ...


To answer the question you asked about switching to protocol relative URLs: It simply won't work. (At this time). The MathJax secure CDN has a different host name from the standard This is not simply a problem of MathJax but of their upstream provider. Hence just changing to protocol relative url // will not solve the ...


It appears that errors are being raised by mixed content on the pages; both images and active content. I get a warning on loading images (this actually succeeds) Loading mixed (insecure) display content on a secure page "" and an error on loading MathJax Blocked loading mixed active content "


We don't fully support the HTTPS Everywhere extension or HTTPS connections across the network. Yet. If this is still an issue once we do the latter, please let us know.

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