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You just go to your profile, click on "prefs", and check "hide ignored tags."


I don't ignore any tags. Often I find myself enjoying some questions, or answers, and even trying to answer some questions that I wouldn't think that I'd be able to. Sometimes I'd check a question just because I saw the name of some user which I know is an excellent writer. In some cases that user actually wrote an answer (and not just made an edit), and I ...


I hide somewhere around 70 different tags, but I use the Chrome extension which means that questions having at least one of my favorite tags (I have about 40 favorite tags) are not hidden anyway. I do this because I am mainly interested in question with some sort of algebraic flavor and I like to keep a window with the active question list open, but if I ...


A lot of PSQ hating types ignore homework. Before I started moderatin', I did too, and since turning it back on I find that I was not missing much.


If the questions look like the attached picture, then what has happened is you have accidentally set some tags to ignore. In the example, I have set "number-theory" as an ignored tag and the first and fourth questions are faded because they are tagged "number-theory".


I have carried this as an experiment - perhaps it could serve as an additional datapoint which might help the OP or somebody else with further investigation. I have tried including the tags from the curent revision of the question as my favorite tags, and start adding some of the ignored tags. The results of the experiments are below. Incidentally, it ...


This was unexpected fallout from a change that was intended to limit the impact of requests with an excessively large list of tag criteria. The issue related to a very large number of ignored tags. I have revised the limits while I investigate further. Sorry for any disruption.


Highlighting on the mobile version of the unanswered tab will start working with the next deploy. Looks like I just straight up forgot to include it on that page, simple fix.

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