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To answer my own question, there is an explanation given to questions that are put on hold, but unfortunately the iPhone stack exchange app is not currently formatted to display those explanations outright. There is a small button on the very bottom right of the page that will display the reason, or you can open the question in your web browser to see the ...


No. SE mobile app doesn't have many features that the mobile/desktop web already has. Personally (though many have voiced the same opinion), the only useful thing is its push notification. You can see the most-voted, open feature requests for Android SE app on main meta, like: Allow us to vote to delete from the Android app Add review queues to Android app ...


I don't view this on my smartphone. But on my computer, I can choose [


[I believe this needs to be transferred to]. There are two separate MathJax problems and possibly one app problem here the overlapping equation labeling. This is a bug in MathJax which we thought we had fixed in v2.5 -- sorry about that. the line-breaking/overflow issues. Linebreaking is a difficult problem and largely relies on the ...


You can still download the official Stack Exchange iOS app from the App Store, but it's not clear for how long. There used to be an official Android app as well. However, the company stopped working on them a while ago: We are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any more builds made for either the Android or the iOS app (...


Per my answer on Meta.SE I'm adding scrolling to wide display MathJax and upgrading to 2.5.3. This has not solved the problem of tags overlapping with equations, but as Peter mentioned it's a known issue in MathJax. The changes will appear in the next build.


This will be fixed in, shipping soon. Something happened when migrating to the new MathJax version/CDN and the element I was scrolling on got a different CSS class.


MathJax's HTML-CSS output tries to use locally installed fonts, when possible, and it looks for two local fonts: the MathJax TeX fonts, and the STIX fonts. If neither is found, then web-based fonts are used (usually the MathJax TeX fonts). In your case, your earlier image shows the MathJax TeX fonts, so that is using the MathJax TeX web fonts. The second ...

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