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iOS 11 changed iPhone’s font for MathJax

I don't view this on my smartphone. But on my computer, I can choose [
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Does the Stack Exchange Android app have all the features of the website?

No. SE mobile app doesn't have many features that the mobile/desktop web already has. Personally (though many have voiced the same opinion), the only useful thing is its push notification. You can ...
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"Could not perform this request with your account." -- iOS error

This answer is CW - feel free to edit it if you have something useful to add or if you see some suitable changes. (At the moment, it just summarizes what has already been said in the comments - ...
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Why isn't there a Math Stack Exchange app?

You can still download the official Stack Exchange iOS app from the App Store, but it's not clear for how long. There used to be an official Android app as well. However, the company stopped working ...
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iOS 11 changed iPhone’s font for MathJax

MathJax's HTML-CSS output tries to use locally installed fonts, when possible, and it looks for two local fonts: the MathJax TeX fonts, and the STIX fonts. If neither is found, then web-based fonts ...
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Does the iOS app stop supporting horizontal scrolling?

This will be fixed in, shipping soon. Something happened when migrating to the new MathJax version/CDN and the element I was scrolling on got a different CSS class.
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