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I do not know solution using AMScd. (As far as I know, AMScd only has horizontal and vertical arrows.) If you are familiar with xypic, you could use this syntax and include it as a picture. (You create it either locally on your computer or using some online tool, for example, the presheaf website.) It is reasonable to include somewhere (maybe as a comment ...


Some time back StackEdit veered away from MathJax support for $\LaTeX$ and instead took up the KaTeX package. Presently they support fewer "environments" than are provided here under MathJax. A workaround for the particular deficiency you found is to use \begin{aligned} and \end{aligned} rather than the (unsupported by StackEdit) align* environment.


On a $64$-bit Win$7$ computer, accessed through a remote terminal connection, using FireFox $66.0.5$, I can reproduce the problem, but only at $100$% zoom. At $90$% or $110$%, it looks fine. However, on the same machine, using the same version of Chrome $74.0.3729.131$ as you have, the problem doesn't occur at $110$%, $100$%, $90$% and $67$% zoom, but it ...


(Posted as an answer, as comments don't support images) This seems to be a problem with whatever software you are using. Under Opera version 58.0.3135.132 (under Mac OS), I see the following: Perhaps you could specify the browser you are using?


Thank you to all who commented above, especially Mohammad Zuhair Khan who asked about my use of labels, and Martin Sleziak who found the issue was the interference from my use of the same \label {eq1} and \label {eq2} in $2$ different answers. As a habit, I give a label to each equation N in the form of eqN in case I want to reference it later. However, in ...


$$\raise{34px}{\vert}\hspace{-5px}\raise{17px}{\vert}\hspace{-12.2px}\downarrow$$ \raise{34px}{\vert}\hspace{-5px}\raise{17px}{\vert}\hspace{-12.2px}\downarrow is a very crappy stand in. $$\underset{\mid\raise{-12px}{\hspace{-3px}\backslash\underline{\phantom{444444444}}}}{}$$ \underset{\mid\raise{-12px}{\hspace{-3px}\backslash\underline{\phantom{444444444}}...

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