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This is largely an accessibility issue. Images are not searchable. Whatever you think of the quality of the built-in search engine, or external tools such as approach0, and their ability to find good matches for search terms, they do exponentially worse when the only information is given in image form. Relying on images to convey vital information makes ...


This question might be a little off-topic for Math Meta—you are likely to get a better response from However, since typesetting is often an issue on the main Math SE site, I suppose that this question is also in-scope here. Don't use \choose. The \choose command is a plain TeX command, and is not really appropriate for use in LaTeX. Instead, use ...


$$q = \begin{cases} 5x, & \text{ if }55\\ 2x, & \text{ if }41 \end{cases}$$ $$q = \begin{cases} 5x, & \text{ if }55\\ 2x, & \text{ if }41 \end{cases}$$


You can use dcases from mathtools, although I don't know how it works since I tried using the require command and it didn't work. You can find the package and the environment here. For $\rm\LaTeX$ though, it makes the subfunctions render in a displayed style.

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