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When a merge happens, the accepted answer of the target will remain accepted and the accepted answer of the source of the merge (which will cease to exist for all intents and purposes) will be presented just as another answer. As Henning indicated a merge is a one-way street: a question is merged into the other. The target of the merge will keep the ...


I flagged this post for merging, so I will try to provide my original rationale here. However, I now realize I was mistaken. I shall be more careful in the future when suggesting a merge, since undoing a merge is nearly impossible. (It has to be done by an SE employee, it can not be done by a mod) In my further explanation, I will refer to Example of a ...


I don't want this to be converted to a trivial answer, thence I'm writing this. If $p$ is prime, then the kth root of $p$ is irrational, $(p^{\frac 1k}) $, for any integer $k>1$, prove it's irrational by assuming it is rational $ p^{\frac1n} $ is irrational if $p $ is prime and $n>1$

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