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I was confused by the three links in the main post to see the result. You can click this link to see the result. Below is the report in plain text, which can be also found here. The candidates are elected using OpenSTV (now OpaVote) with the Meek STV method. See also: How are moderator election votes counted, in plain English? OpaVote Election Results (https:...


Well... this is a surprise. I am humbled and honored. Many thanks to the community—I shall endeavor to do my job well. Also profound thanks to the to the current set of moderators, who made this election far more clear and far less acrimonious than the last one. I look forward to working with y'all in a different capacity.


I refer to the official answer on the main meta to Who can see what in my profile? I quote a part: Things visible to diamond moderators only: real name* email* how many days you visited the site (and your current consecutive visits streak) your IP address* all the names you used in the last 90 days *mods have to click a link to see this information, the ...

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