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I guess I'll also write an answer :P Thank you to the community, especially those who have contributed to asking questions and voting during the election process! Very looking forward to join the moderation team and committing to what I have mentioned in my questionnaire answers. Congratulations to Paramanand Singh, I hope you'll get enough sleep tonight!


Thanks to everyone for participating in the elections irrespective of their votes. I am humbled by your support and I think your trust will be a key asset in my role as a moderator. Congratulations to TheSimpliFire! Looking forward to work with the existing mod team to the best of my ability!


We don't. The 18+ rule is likely mostly to cover legal bases for SE itself, due to laws surrounding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) access. We are not required to submit any formal proof that we are 18 (like you said, that would require revealing our real identities, which is not required in any way) but it is part of the agreement that we are ...

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