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If you read a lot of the questions I think you're referring to, it's obvious they can barely understand what their own question is, and are just taking a shot in the dark to see if someone will tell them the answer or point them in the right direction. For such a person, you're never going to get them to work through a tutorial and learn to write expressions ...


I feel very frustrated. My username contains no curse words, and I am not at all making fun of other's names. Only a police officer would ask someone's "intent" like that. The email message makes me feel very disrespected. After getting the email, I informed the Moderator Team that my name is Amily. I also added that extra info to my website ...


We already had users posting pornographic pictures, or stuff like that. I think that's a good enough reason. At the very least require someone to add something of possible value to the site before adding something very terrible.


I disagree with the moderators’ decision. I don’t have trouble distinguishing them, and this user is obviously not trying to impersonate amWhy. There’s also the issue of precedent. As quid brings up, there are many users named John. Will we start allowing only one John? If you agree that amWily should be allowed to keep this username, upvote this post.


There is no problem in itself with close or identical usernames. There is a quite active user quid on that is not me. There are any number of users named John, some of them likely actually named John others just picking it as some common name. And so on. This was also said in the message: "even identical user names are possible." The ...

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