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Of course we want hats! Like Emmy, we know that wearing a hat is ideal! Base photograph of Emmy Noether copyright Universitäts-Archiv Göttingen; found in the Oberwolfach Photo Collection.


Yes!!! math.SE should surely join in on this fun! [Downvoting this answer will cause ZFC to be inconsistent.]


Suggestion for "default:" Mathematics Community Blog (See for an example of this...)


Short exposition pieces on interesting mathematics, primarily at the advanced high school to advanced undergraduate level. Some potential contributors have already given examples of what such posts might look like. This comment raises an additional issue, which you can vote on in the comments: Can anyone write about anything, or do we expect the people ...


As I commented in the other thread, a "What is..." style post, similar to the article published by the AMS, would be great. In essence, the goal of these articles would be to explain, in understandable terms, a 'buzz-word' mathematical concept. The focus should be on 'what is it used for' in mathematics, and 'why is it such a ubiquitous term'. For example, ...


No!!! mathematics is serious business, and so is math.SE! [Downvoting this answer will ensure that Riemann's Hypothesis is false.]


A Sufficiently Wide Margin In reference to Fermat's famous quote. It also makes sense because, whereas Fermat didn't have enough room to write, in this blog people would have the space to write detailed, thoughtful expository posts.


This poll is mostly nonsense because the ability to protect questions is built into the Stack Exchange system. I think it is safe to say that Stack Exchange will not turn this off for this, or any other, community. Protecting questions is one method to preserve the quality of the site, and is useful for very specific instances where stronger quality ...


Very general outlines of the work behind recent major breakthroughs, or concerning the status of potential breakthroughs, such as Mochizuki's claimed proof of the ABC conjecture.


To me this is a rather light-hearted idea that might be useful in some ways and might be a distraction in other ways. I think we should just give this a try and see how it works out. If it becomes too much of a distraction or a source of friction without much in return we can just shut it done again. The way this is envisioned, if the linked to models should ...


Hats are not wanted here! Like Emmy, we feel that being without a hat ought to be conserved! Photograph of Emmy Noether copyright Universitäts-Archiv Göttingen; found in the Oberwolfach Photo Collection.


"Question of the Week" posts, which in some manner highlight one or more questions or answers fromt he main site, voted on by the community. "Week" is mutable. These would probably be selected by a vote here on meta. Edit: Vote below for whether you would prefer weekly, every other week, or monthly for such posts. Please vote for only one comment.


Explanation of popular or recurring topics from the main site. For example, if the series $1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + \cdots$ keeps coming up in questions on the main site, it could be answered definitively and thoroughly in a single blog post instead of in various disjointed threads. (The blog post could also link to the best of the threads.)


A monthly greatest answer post from "The Crusade of Answers" group. This is a group of kindred fellows who dig up old unanswered questions and provide answers to them so as to take them off of the unanswered list. They are known chiefly by the existence of their long standing no nonsense chat room, and the fact that they bring the ratio of unanswered to ...


Reviews of new or old math books recently read by contributors.


We're in! I have informed the StackExchange team that we wish to participate in the Winter Bash. Find a comfortable snow bank for cover!


Posts about current events of interest to the mathematical community, such as major conferences, outreach efforts like Mathematics Awareness Month, and major awards like the Fields and Abel medals.


Posts highlighting and expanding on great threads from the main site.


Personally, I'm not at all interested in having a Community Polls thread on our meta. I feel that any "results" taken from them are not really going to be representative of the site. I note that meta participation is quite low even among high rep users so the results will likely on really say something about "active meta users", which is a fairly small ...


Solutions or solution outlines to problems from major math competitions, after the competitions have ended.


They're heeerreeeee... It should be pointed that the recent top-bar altering scripts are incompatible with the hats button. If you are interested in hiding the hats, or following your progress you will have to disable it (for the time being).


I would like to see some posts by non-mathematicians about mathematics. For example posts like A physicist's view of representation theory A philosopher's view of set theory/foundations of mathematics


This "answer" isn't necessarily to advocate for one way or the other. I understand that the proposal is to create one meta thread where each "answer" is a questions and the comments to that "answer" are the options in the poll. On the one hand I would personally be interested in seeing answers to such questions as the ...


Or maybe we could just write Mathematics Commmunity Blog and then a quote under it like "The essence of mathematics lies in its freedom" (Cantor said it I believe) or any other quote. Although I don't like this suggestion myself, I am sympathetic towards it.

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