This is exactly where bounties are for. You have just enough reputation (75 or more) to post one. The Help Center article begins to talk about your own question, but posting a bounty on somebody else's question works just as well. A bounty is a special reputation award given to answers. It is funded by the personal reputation of the user who offers it, and ...


Most likely you have ignored one of the tags on those questions. This can easily happen by accident (here is a recent case on our sister site Super User). If you didn't intend to do this, there's a widget in the right sidebar on all question lists (including the Meta home page) where you can undo this.


It has not been removed, but if a question is already in the Close Vote review queue, you can't flag it as Very Low Quality anymore. The 'negative' review result for questions in the Low Quality Posts is a vote/flag to close, so it's better to have the question in the right queue (Close Votes) immediately. Also, if a post is at least seven days old, it's not ...


You can use the advanced search functionality: searching for e.g. user:me is:q derivative will give all posts by you, which are questions, and contain the word 'derivative':


This happens when several of your questions are not well-received by the community. Some things to consider for your next questions: Don't ask a question and answer it later that day. Self-answering is good, but don't ask a question too fast, without researching yourself thoroughly well enough. Do not delete any of your questions. Deleted questions still ...

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible