For questions which are more or less rants. This tag is not an excuse to freely rant about anything you want without consequence! Please read the tag wiki for details.

First and foremost, the existence of this tag does not allow you to go off and rant however you want. Ranting comes in two forms: constructive and unconstructive. The latter will be swiftly closed (and possibly deleted) by the community, which is why there are so few questions here actually using this tag (hint hint).

How do I write a constructive rant?

  • Do your research. Search here on Meta. Then search some more. Search, search, and search to make sure the issue you're about to bring up hasn't already been discussed to death. Users are much more reluctant to get involved and generally much less receiving of topics that get brought up repeatedly and/or often. If you don't do your research, expect a flurry of downvotes and a quick closure as duplicate.

  • Be crystal clear. Highlight the most important parts of your rant and summarize the key points of it at the end. Making it clear to users exactly what has flustered you will allow quicker responses. Being unclear will result in a mass of confused and sarcastic comments.

  • Provide solid examples that support your opinion. Your rant is based on something, and just coming here complaining about it and not pointing to a source of your frustration doesn't allow anyone to help you. The common mindset here is that "everything should be generalized, therefore specific questions shouldn't be included." That mindset is wrong. Without providing specific examples, it's impossible to develop a proper response. More often than not, a response to a rant is unique depending on how the frustration occurred in the first place.

  • Use a positive tone. This includes constructing your question in a normal, readable manner and avoiding the use of inappropriate and demeaning words. Calling people names, or claiming someone is doing things when you don't actually know that for sure, will not get you anywhere in the discussion process.

  • Be prepared for criticism. If you're expecting to come here and rant without someone arguing against it, don't even bother starting to write it. Rants are often accompanied with high frustration levels, which means it's easy to set you over the top. If you're not calm and feel you could easily be annoyed by responses that don't agree with you, try taking a break from the computer for a while and coming back later. Maybe you'll even realize that your rant has no basis - some time to think it over not only helps you calm down, but also helps you formulate your opinions better so that we can clearly understand what you're talking about.

  • Consider the following quote from an answer to a similar question:

    If you go to a store and start yelling at all the employees about the terrible customer service you got, you're probably going to get kicked out of the store. If you go in and politely talk to the manager about the not-so-satisfactory customer service you received, they'll help you and try to solve the problem. It's just how the world works.