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Reopened Could we please reopen: How might I define a parabola in vertex form, such that… The OP has made an effort to improve their question. They have clarified the question by including the vertex form of a parabola for future reference, and have also added MathJax to the question. I have also cleaned up the tags to better reflect the question ('...


Reopened Please consider reopening Minimal surfaces under conformal parametrizations - proof verification It appears to have been closed after the user vandalised their question (rolling back the question would seem like the better approach, which I've done) and appears to have plenty of context and be a reasonable question asking for help.


Undeleted, reopened Please undelete and reopen this post: How can one integrate $\int\frac{1}{(x+1)^4(x^2+1)} dx$? OP wants to calculate this integral. He/she is not asking for a solution to this integral per se but states in the post his/her frustration on partial fraction decomposition (PFD) of the integrand. OP even has attempted to use something else (...


Undeleted, reopened Please undelete and reopen this post: How to show $13\left(x^{2}+1\right)+\sqrt{2\left(x^{4}+1\right)}+62 x-\frac{45\left(x^{2}-1\right)}{\ln x}>0$ for $x\in(0,1)$ Context for the question was added upon request by the asker, which has been lifted to the post.

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