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Please, reopen this question length-of-a-split-complex-number. The question currently has zero votes, so people voted to close but did not downvote. It had an accepted upvoted answer when was deleted. It can be usful to various people, interested in the topic. The only problem I see with the question, is possibly that in the title the word "length" ...


Undeleted I would like to suggest that this question be given another chance, as it has various answers which seem like they could possibly have some value. The integral $\int_0^x\frac{\sin{(t)}}{\sqrt{1+t^2}}\,\text{d}t$


Reopened I'm not sure why this question was closed. I feel like the OP is maybe slightly unclear about what possible methods there might be for finding the coefficients, but the problem they are trying to solve is clear and answerable (It is upvoted and has an accepted answer (Disclosure: The accepted answer is mine). Can we determine higher powers of a ...


Reopened Please consider reopening Is there a metrizable topology on tempered distributions for which sequential convergence is pointwise?. This question was originally unclear but the asker has clarified what they meant. The question was also difficult to understand due to (I assume) a language barrier combined with some imprecise phrasing, and I've ...


Here is a post which was most likely deleted for being inactive and has at least one upvote. I have edited the question before despite the negative recognition it has gotten before editing. Here are the details about the question. Here is the link How it looks in case it is hidden and it being shown in my activity log: As you can see, this has cost me ...


Please reopen How can you foretell if a problem is one whose solution admits a simple mathematical description?. This was closed for "needs details or clarity". But isn't my question detailed enough? What do you need? What was Justice Scalia's mathematical mistake in Penry v. Lynaugh (1989)?. This was closed for "opinion-based." I ...


Can you please undelete Apologia for asking a downvoted question, but it feels wasteful for the two upvoted answers to disappear. My question is unique because it asks about the intuition behind defining $0.\overline{9}=1$. The author in my post, Ellenberg, proved this in the pages previous to that in my post.


Reopened, Reclosed I would like to reopen the following question: Can We Define A Measure $\mu$ Which Follows All My Requirments? If not, please explain in detail what is unclear or what cannot be improved.

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