This was a bug that was fixed. See The related section of the right sidebar is now completely missing for new questions.. It was an issue with their database.


Well this was fun; basically, our background processing for these... stopped background processing. It looks like it is related to some async changes that were introduced (and possibly the dreaded sync-context deadlock that people using .NET Tasks may be aware of). So; we have a bit of a backlog to churn through, and it is going to take some time to catch up ...


The issue appears to be that the page's CSS causes the links in the sidebar to be display: flex, and that changes how the children are treated. The content is no longer a paragraph-like structure that wraps normally. Instead, it is a series of boxes that align left to right. That means that the text before a math item is one box, the math is another, and ...


This is status-bydesign according to this very old post over at Meta Stack Exchange: Linked and Related sections contain duplicate links to questions. Times may have changed, and recently, a new feature request was posted to have this changed: The same question should not be under both Linked and Related. So maybe it will change in the future.


This question relates to two places: related questions to the right of a post on either the meta site or the main site, and question and answer lists in one's profile. These lists display the score given by votes in a grey or light green box. The box is light green when there has been an accepted answer, and the box is grey when there is no accepted answer. ...

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