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What is the reason for this change of reputation? Reputation tab says "-2" and "removed".

You had gotten +2 yesterday for an accepted suggested edit on "Is the following a valid proof that shows a limit does not exist?" This post you had edited, then got deleted for some reason. As a ...
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My post was never marked closed, but the reputation page said it was removed; what happened?

From How does "Reputation" work: You gain reputation when: ... you remove a downvote from an answer: +1 an answer you downvoted is removed: +1 No other events cause a +1. The ...
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About the message "User was removed"

There just is no answer that was deleted. Note what it says (added emphasis): "This message means that a user who voted for one of your posts had their account deleted[...]" What happened is that a ...
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Reputation graph: Could you add an option to see it in the old cumulative style?

Last I read (somewhere on meta.stackexchange), there's some minimum number of pixels that have to be available on your display in order for the cumulative rep chart to be shown. I guess this makes ...
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