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Comments that suggest reposting to an ill-suited SE site: to flag or not to flag?

Yes, it is reasonable to flag such comments. Inappropriate suggestions to migrate a question to/re-ask a question on some other site can be a serious bother. You should ask inhabitants of Programmers ...
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What's the difference between math.stackexchange and mathematica.stackexchange?

Mathematica is a software used for symbolic computation and other computational mathematics. It is akin to Wolfram|Alpha (both come from the same company). The Mathematica.SE website is dedicated for ...
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Feature request: a reward that is transferable to another stack

This already exists, somewhat, in the form of an association bonus. Essentially, if you earn 200 reputation on any Stack Exchange site, then each of your associated accounts on Stack Exchange sites ...
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Auto-detecting dead links within the Stack Exchange network

I don't know if a bot is needed, but I did write a query on the SE Data Explorer that finds links to deleted posts on other SE sites. As the screenshot shows, there were 343 such broken links on math....
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What is the right place (on stackexchange) to ask questions concerning mathematical writing?

Regarding your third bulleted question, for example, a search on the Mathematics Stack Exchange website for the word triplet "proposition theorem lemma" brings up some useful answers here, here, and ...
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New stack exchange site: for interactive theorem provers and automatic theorem provers

Congrats, @Nike! I got my invite to the private beta Proof Assistants. It's clearly implemented. Good work!
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Math Stackexchange vs CrossValidated

I have not found any clearly stated policy. We cannot comment on the handling of questions that have been asked on Statistics.SE. You'll have to contact the folks on Stats.SE about that. The ...
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Moving a Chatrooom to another site

Moderators of the host site can change the host of a chatroom if they have an account on the intended new host site. I'm going to try that out in a few minutes (I need to create an account on the ...
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Which Stack Exchange accepts computer related questions about Debian?

We have two sites in the network with a lot of questions about using Debian: Super User (5k questions) Unix & Linux (11k questions) As long as your question is clear and you describe what ...
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Questions tagged as Maple

There had been a proposal for an SE site on Computer Algebra Systems (proposed Stack Exchange area) . It was not successful. You might consider the site on Computational Science. It has a numerical ...
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Is there any Stack Exchange site that allows sharing, review of interesting observations\results made\obtained by students in Mathematics?

From the Help Center article Can I answer my own question?: Yes! Stack Exchange has always explicitly encouraged users to answer their own questions. If you have a question that you already know the ...
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