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Self-delete my criticized question?

I am the "commenter" that you're referring to in the last sentence. Before explaining anything, I would like to draw your attention to the benefits of having things properly typed. More efficient (...
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Self-deleted answer undeleted by other users

If a question gets undeleted, the user who posted gets no notification about that undeletion. But you also get no notification if an answer of yours gets deleted. The only thing that happens (as you ...
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Self-deleted answer undeleted by other users

I saw this Meta question of yours, and happen to be the second undelete-voter. Let me explain why I voted to undelete. I did not see any indication that your answer was flawed, and I supposed that you ...
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How do I get my question deleted?

If an answer does not answer the question, you can flag it as 'not an answer'.
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