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Is it ok to erase an answer that is extremely vulgar by editing it?

From the comments: No. Instead, flag it as rude or abusive and move on.
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Banned content in comments/flags/questions?

Yes, this is universal blacklist. Both MathOverflow and this site have had problems with this particular person. MathOverflow moderators have, at times, asked to have content blocked preemptively. (I'...
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What's with some new contributors flagrantly violating the rules for answering questions?

I want to draw your attention to these two questions: https://math.stackexchange....
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Why is this answer “spam or offensive”?

The answer was flagged by several users as spam, and that caused the answer to be deleted as spam by Community♦. These flags were of course incorrectly used, since the post is not spam according to ...
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Question marked as spam/offensive - unable to see complete revision history?

There never was an offensive revision of the question. Some accounts have been used to cast frivolous spam flags to delete it. A CM has looked into things and took appropriate measures. The question ...
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What might a moderator do to a trolling/spamming account

When an account is created with the sole purpose of trolling, spamming, etc, we generally destroy the account. This (as well as deletions of posts by spam flags) feeds information into a system which ...
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Is it ok to erase an answer that is extremely vulgar by editing it?

Rude/abuse/spam deletions are causing -100 rep loss to the OP and the post content is defaced. People having access to the deleted content (OP + mods + 10k+ users) can still see it, but even they need ...
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Why is this spam?

There was a user who flagged this as rude or abusive, this induced a downvote, and the account was self-deleted which cleared that flag as helpful and deleted the question. I've cleared the flag, and ...
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Why is this answer “spam or offensive”?

I've seen a couple of other instances of this, and MJD's post is starting to connect some dots. In going through review queues I see occasionally a message that "the system has detected" that a post ...
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Why is this answer “spam or offensive”?

My guess: someone flagged it, probably because of the less than pleasant exchanges in the comments.
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Should comments advertising other sites be removed?

In your particular case: yes, they should be removed. As a general rule: No. If the comments (answers for that matter) are helpful and linking other sites contributes to that helpfulness, no.

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