The simplest answer is that this deletion was a mistake. There are protocols for deleting users with that much activity on the site, and they weren't followed. As a result, we're doing two things: Restoring the account from backups. Building extra checks into the software to reduce the likelihood of this ever happening again. These take time - and when ...


From typographical point of view, the question whether d in dx is upright or italic is not clear at all, it varies from author to author, from sub-field to sub-field and from journal to journal. Therefore I think that we should not unify the style across the site and rather leave it to the authors. What is not questionable, though, is that dx has to be ...


Thanks Will. (That was not what I had in mind when I told you about that) I suppose a screenshot would be appropriate... $\phantom{\dfrac12}$ $\hspace{110pt}$ ${}$


Absent any evidence of wrong-doing, we must assume that users are right-doing.* As long as a user has 15 reputation on this site, they are free to upvote as they wish (provided they are voting for content). After they earn 125 reputation they are free to downvote as they wish (again, proved they are voting for content). Whether they have the requisite ...


I know what you mean, and I never could understand the sometimes outward hostility directed toward these individuals. I got the feeling that these folks were simply interested in challenging integrals, sums, what-have-you and they occasionally generated very intense discussions. I see a lot less of that lately and I think we are missing out a little by not ...


It seems overboard to classify the mere labeling of oneself anti-gay as hate speech. Would this apply for example to the username anti-x for various labels x that can be applied to people, for example christian, atheist, homophobe, etc? At any rate, the more unarguably germane issue is that the username is disruptive and inflammatory, not to mention poor ...


Qing Liu decided to leave for reasons that he has apparently chosen to keep private, taking care to make as little noise as possible in his departure. I think that we should respect that by not prying into what is clearly a personal decision.


$$\begin{array}{l}\text{Hundred Thousand, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain,}\cr \text{And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet, When the wind comes right behind the rain,}\cr \text{Hundred Thousand, Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I,}\cr \text{Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk makin' lazy circles in the sky.}\cr \text{We know we belong to ...


Probably a "Senator" badge, in the gold badges category. Anyone have other ideas for the name?


In the past we agreed on a policy to not allow questions from on-going contests. This is enforced. With zeal. Personally, I shoot first (=lock/delete), and interrogate survivors afterwards. The one piece of advice I want to give is Flag it for moderator attention. Explain the problem. Ideally with a link to the website of the contest (more often than not ...


Thank you. I am ambivalent on the badge idea. I am among those who already find sufficient motivation to offer bounties, and I don't know what positive or negative effects such a badge might have. Here is a related thread on meta.stackexchange.com: Badge for bounties offered?


Thank you all for your kind remarks! When I reached the 100k limit a few days ago, I checked a couple of times - of course - to see if someone had arranged a surprise party here at Meta. But either I had overlooked it or this thread got created just after I had stopped looking (could be a time-zone issue). So much as explanation why I didn't express my ...


You're not; your account triggered a warning for a ban that is no longer in effect (it has been superseded by rolling rate limits) - the ban itself was turned off but not the warning. There's another ban and another warning to go with it that are still in play, but you're far from qualifying for either. We're discussing how to best disable the obsolete ...


Let me briefly answer your two questions, without dealing with the story around them. When the situation is complex, avoid flagging comments. When we see a comment flag, it is easy to take it out of context, and the response is essentially "delete/edit the comment" or "decline the flag" (or both, sometimes). It is hard to respond to a flag like this, and it'...


Note: This answer has undergone a severe edit. Some comments below may now appear to be non sequiturs. The following is based on my (admittedly limited) experience of being a moderator here on math.SE. Having many posts flagged would not itself warrant a suspension. Otherwise some rogue group of users could start flagging every post by, say, Brian M. ...


Reminds me of this SMBC comic:


Although the answer by Shog9 settles the question in the specific case, the site had other deleted users whose contributions may be of value. So I would like to answer I just want to see his posts neatly available in one place. in greater generality, with a data.SE query Get all answers by a deleted user, together with questions. Given a username such ...


For the first example, the specific user in question is a very well-known SE citizen. He (going by the image) is not known for tolerance of poor quality and non-sense, quite the contrary. And, he votes a lot. I think he holds the network-wide record for downvotes. I cannot know what he votes for precisely, but absent evidence to the contrary I would assume ...


Don't read their stuff. Downvote if need be.


Thanks to Brian and André, I aced my discrete mathematics exam in college :) A big thanks for all your patience and awesomeness! You make math less painful!


c) Shouldn't we treat separately interesting PSQs that have an answer in books or are well-known folklore, and the average isolated homework PSQs in elementary linear algebra or calculus? Yes, we should (and most of the time, already do). Whether or not a question should be answered is not a matter of mere style of the person posting the question. The ...


By using a clever Google search, I was able to find that julien only changed his user name, to reference a former Manchester United player.


Add a rule that deletes emails from the said address, or sends them to the spam folder.

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