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The toggle button functionality is more or less available through the MathJAX extension action. Though it is more suitable for displaying alternate math formulas instead of displaying a paragraph of text. Personally, I can't think of any good way to utilize this functionality. $$\require{action} \toggle{ \begin{array}{cl} & \bbox[2pt,color:red;border-...


You can begin every line with >! and end it with two spaces.  


A work around is to put all the math on one "line". >! \begin{align} x &= 42 \end{align} Gives I think the reason is that to solve other bugs, once you enter a math environment the MarkDown stop getting processed. So the >! that appears before and after x&= 42 are considered by the software as part of the math environment, and not part of ...


It works if you don't try to include linebreaks in the MathJax. I took out the linebreaks and it works fine. Do the whole thing on one line.


Clicking a hint makes it stay visible even when the mouse stops hovering it (clicking it again makes it fade again). Thus one can click the first hint, and only then click the second. Hierarchical hints (or a horrifying mathjax hack) are not necessary.


I've gone an updated the CSS for spoilers - there was something overriding the spoiler CSS in this instance. With you in the next build (rev. 2017.3.14.*)


I have fixed this on our dev server. Spoiler text will show up as black when printed. The change should be in our next production deployment(later tonight or tomorrow).


Good suggestion; we'll make sure the spoiler block is made visible in the print stylesheet. There is always Stack Printer as indicated above, too.


You can see how I did this below. Note that there is no use of mathjax or some other side-channel approach. >! This is a line. >! >! This is another line. Take careful notice the pairs of spaces at the end of lines, which is quite important.


It seems to be that if you do >! at the beginning of a line, you get that. You could have found that out by clicking edit post and looking at the source. for example.


Here is a sample bit of LaTeX contained in a spoiler block: This is the code I used to produce it: >! $\sum_{n=1}^\infty\frac{1}{n^2}=\frac{\pi^2}{6}$ >! $$\sum_{n=1}^\infty\frac{1}{n^2}=\frac{\pi^2}{6}$$ However, when I moused over the spoiler block in the preview area while composing this post: So, displayed equations don't appear ...


If you ever want to do such, I would recommend the alternative format: >! \begin{align} a=b \\ b=c \\ c=d \end{align} This allows multiple lines, as well as allowing preview while editing. The problem occurs any time you attempt to do dollar signs with multi-line spoilers. One may also wish to implement another approach: >! $$ a=b \\ b=c \\ c=d$$ ...


You can use a double space at the end of each line to force a newline: >! Here is the proposed workaround: >! >! 1. The first $n$. >! 2. The second $k$. This will preserve the formulas as well:


I don't know why you're using colored text in spoiler blocks, but the obvious solution here is to just not use colored text in spoiler blocks. Spoilers are fairly reader-hostile by-design, so if something about them strikes you as odd perhaps you could just skip using them entirely.




Write the source on a single line: >! \begin{align*} 0 &= 1^2 - 1^3 \\ 4 + 1 &= 5 \\ 6 - 7 &= -1\end{align*} produces


This will be fixed in the next build. When doing a preview, transformations are run on the rendered HTML, looking for a ! at the beginning of lines in a <blockquote>, stripping them out, and adding the spoiler style. This boils down to code somewhere that ran html.replace('! $$a = b$$', '$$a = b$$'). Unfortunately, because JavaScript overloads ...

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