So far it seems from the votes and comments lean towards separating dimension theory in analysis/topology from dimension theory in algebra. Let me just add one additional suggestion. Suggestion. Do not put questions about dimension theory in linear algebra under the same tag as dimension of rings/modules. Whether or not a tag for dimension in the sense of ...


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This is fixed. What went wrong? When we insert an editor into a page on a site that includes MathJax, we inject some JavaScript that looked like this: loadMathJaxEditorFeatures() .done(() => { Editor.creationCallbacks.add((editor) => { configureEditorWithMathJaxFeatures(editor); }); }); Basically, this lazy loads the features needed ...


My own area of research is fractal geometry. In fractal geometry, there are various notions of dimension (Hausdorff, box, Minkowski, Assouad, packing, complex etc.). Very roughly speaking, the dimension of a set in a metric space describes how the "volume" of a set scales when the set is scaled, where "volume" may be in terms of a measure (e.g. in the case ...


Not seeing any objections, so I enabled the new tag creation warning here on meta as well.


For the first pair of links, I think merging would be useful. The second question contains more context, and also has a nice approach by @user1337 that is different from the rest of the answers in both links. So, I suggest reopening the second question and merging the first question with the second. For the second pair of links, I think it would be alright ...


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