There is no very deep reason. In the post you linked to a list of very short tags was highlighted. I then went through the list and decided what to do, commenting: I did something about all proposals. I am not sure I chose the best option each time but it's easy to change. Feel free to comment obviously. Maybe it's best to take the changed version as a ...


This has been fixed. I'm embarrassed to say this was originally my fault. I had refactored post reloading to fix a handful of small bugs in support of moderator tooling, and accidentally dropped the call to styleCode() that kicks off the MathJax rendering. If you're familiar with browser debugging tools and want to verify for yourself that this is fixed ...


Per this request I've added the following paragraph at the help center article about search: This article covers the basics on the built-in search. Please take a look at a community meta post on how to search on this site, both with the built-in search and some external tools. Please let me know if you have any concerns. Thanks to everyone who has ...


The page How do I search? in the help center contains only advice on the built-in search. Maybe a link to meta could be included at the beginning (or near the beginning). Various ways to search this site (both using the built-in search and using some external tools) are summarized on meta: How to search on this site? The purpose of this answer is mainly ...


A regression bug was introduced here that prevented some (but not all) comment notifications from going out. The issue has been fixed. Unfortunately there is no practical way for us to requeue the comment notifications that didn't get sent out in the past few hours.


This should be resolved. Lots more details on what happened and why are available on this answer.


This has been fixed. Details are available in my answer on MSE: https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/348957/235711


This was fixed back in April/May.

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