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5 votes

Having trouble including a long link in the answer text

I think it is the same issue as in your previous question - combining HTML and Markdown. Your post contained the following: ...
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5 votes

Download all questions and answers for individual users and save into TeX/pdf

Not an answer but I wanted to post some thoughts that a solution would need to consider, if someone wants to have a go... I downloaded all my posts from answer 1 and got a 3MB .csv file. I've never ...
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5 votes

Difficulty Presenting Tables When Going From StackEdit To MathJax

Why not simply add double dollars? ...
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4 votes

Error message regarding edit summary

As noted in comments: this was a bug and the build that provoked it has been reverted.
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1 vote

Formatting Sandbox

$$ \require{action} \require{enclose} \toggle{ \bbox[#f2ebe6,border: 5px inset#765341,10px]{\int_{-\frac{1}{2}}^{0}\frac{\arctan\left(x+13\right)}{3x^{2}+3x+10}dx = \frac{1}{\sqrt{111}}\arctan\left(\...

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