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Like this $\boldsymbol{\alpha}$ $\boldsymbol{\alpha}$ For comparison a regular one $\alpha$


As Asaf alludes to in his comments, the question is closed because enough users have voted to close it. It's rather like trial-by-jury: if a sufficient number of people are convinced, a verdict is pronounced. You might not like that, but it is a way of approaching things that at least attempts to be democratic. Also, similarly to trial-by-jury, you can ...


The question you propose is probably not a good fit for MSE. Questions on MSE should be narrowly focused and of broad interest to the community of mathematics students and mathematicians who comprise the user base of MSE. You are essentially asking someone to proofread your thesis (or, at least, the mathematically intensive portions of that thesis), which ...


Moderators can edit comments. Thus, if one comes across a broken comment one can flag the comment "something else" and point out that there is broken formatting and request a fix. This is perfectly acceptable and we usually will try to do what we can to restore the comment. However, please, do not flood us with such request. Instead, focus on things you ...


\mathbf{αβγ} or {\bf αβγ} also gives $\mathbf{αβγ}$ compared to $αβγ$ of the normal series.


You can also use standard image html, of the form <img src="image/source.png" width="image_width" height="image_height">, except with the quoted constants filled in appropriately. For example, I've included a manually resized version of your graph. <img src="" width="450" height="300">


In the sidebar on the right there is a colon 'related' and also a colon 'linked' if there are posts that link to the current one. There I found If $f(x) \geq 0$, then $g(x) =f(x)+f'(x)+f''(x)+...+f^r(x) \geq 0$ which is very recent. Of course this only works if the post is linked on this site. Otherwise searching for the ID-number of the ...


This looks like it is the "full site" displayed on a small screen. Just scroll to the end. After the question-list, there you will find the usual footer including the option to select "mobile." It is part of a list with heading "Mathematics" that goes like this: Tour Help Chat Contact Feedback Mobile Disable Responsiveness Selecting "mobile" will bring ...


For the users that can vote to un/delete the question (that is, those with 10k+ points, essentially) there is a button "undelete" under the question, just like you see it under your answer. If enough user vote to undelete that would undelete the question, yet would not automatically reopen it. The reason that you cannot vote to undelete the question is ...


The way you proceeded was good. The main goal is that the current version is best possible. You could leave a remark in the edit summary, something like "fixed typo introduced in preceding revision." This might help to avoid confusions down the road. As you point out yourself in a comment, if the original version has two different questions it's more ...


Yes, of course. But you need to have 75 points of reputation in order to set up a bounty. So you're one vote away from that goal.


Questions with a bounty cannot be put on hold. However, moderators can cancel a bounty. (Then, it can be put on hold.) Yet, usually, we don't cancel bounties. This means, that trying to put on hold a question with a bounty should be reserved for exceptional cases. If there is some actual problem, don't hesitate to bring it up; what I want to discourage ...

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