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DISCLAIMER: As you can see, only some of the suggestions I have given below would actually help you to find this specific question. (And some of them only during the next week - after the next update of SEDE.) But at least they are some general suggestions what one might do in similar situations - so even the ones which don't help now might be useful in ...


First of all: thanks a lot to everybody for notifying us about this issue. We have been able to reproduce and fix the issue. Please do let us know (in a comment to this answer) if you're still encountering any issues with this.


Heeding to the request of Martin, I'll reproduce the question verbatim and provide a link to it. First, a couple of failed attempts. This question wasn't visible in the "recently deleted" section of the mod tools, because it was deleted more than 13 hours ago as of the time of asking the question. Second : it wasn't on SEDE, given that it was ...

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