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Having a question in the HNQ is not necessarily a bad thing for you. This brings more attention to your question and bigger probability of getting an answer. Also a separate issue is whether the decision on removal of the question from the HNQ list should be mainly by the OP or more by the community - if the question is good representative of the site, it'...


Actually, a new answer bumps the question. However, it all depends a bit on the way users view the posts. If you look at the posts tagged rational-numbers, this question is on the top if you choose the active tab - which show questions that recently had some activity. However, if you choose the newest tab, the questions are displayed there depending on the ...


There's currently no way to do that. Strictly speaking, all edits should be substantive. If you want to stay strictly above radar, try to add something useful along with your typo correction. Often it is not too difficult to find some point that you can clarify, a reference you can cite, or some way of extending or generalizing your answer in order to ...


Copying my answer from MSE: Thanks for reporting this. It has been fixed across the network now and you should be able to add bounties until your heart is content. Thanks to balpha who smashed the bug very quickly.


You can see on your reputation tab that this was indeed caused by downvote. You can check that there was a downvote also on the timeline of the post. And you can click on the score to see the numbers of downvotes and upvotes. (The latter only works for users with at least 1k reputation points.) See also: How to see questions time line? How do I view vote ...


In the footer to the right it says "full site." Click this and you are back to normal.


One thing you can use to your advantage is that Search is looking at the HTML encoded version of a post, rather than what would be rendered. Since every tag generates link of the form site/tagged/tagname you can try to search for "tagged/tagname". Notice that this will also return all oneboxed questions posted in chat with this tag. But if the phrase is ...


When I view the DOM for the page, I see which shows that the closing dollar sign is inside an element <span class="math-container">. MathJax only processes math when the entire math expression (including its delimiters) are in the same text run, so that extra <span> is causing MathJax to not recognize the expression. That is why you are not ...


\$\Sigma\$ produces $\Sigma$ \$\Sigma_{n=1}^\infty\$ produces $\Sigma_{n=1}^\infty$ \$\sum_{n=1}^\infty\$ produces $\sum_{n=1}^\infty$ and \$\displaystyle \sum_{n=1}^\infty\$ produces $\displaystyle \sum_{n=1}^\infty$


This is similar to my query Re-asking another user's on-hold question which @quid's comment links to. My conclusion, based on the responses there and my own thoughts on it, was: a badly asked good question is worth turning into a well asked good question. Often the actual query is an interesting one, and the original post is only a "bad question" fom ...

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