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As of January 16, 2020, all questions and answers have a “timeline button” underneath the voting buttons. Clicking on the clock icon directly leads to the timeline for that question or answer: For more information, see the announcement Add a link to the timeline of a post on Meta Stack Exchange.


Here are three options. Just make the edit. Better: make the edit, and leave a comment thanking the other user for drawing your attention to the problem. Best (in my opinion): make the edit, and also edit into your question a word of thanks to the user for pointing out the problem. This way the user can delete the comment, and no one gets confused about ...


Here's my rule of thumb for being on-topic: Can this Question be resolved by reasoned mathematical argument? Your post (on main Math.SE) ends with the following words: So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to store it as a float so that all the digits are right of the decimal point? Do I need a special library (like Brobdingnag in R) to handle ...


This more-or-less summarizes some of the stuff which has already been said in the comments. If I understood correctly, the OP is asking about getting indices above/below the sign for integral or sum. I hope this answers the question at least partially. Probably the best thing to do is to show some examples: In the inline mode we can write $\sum_{n=0}^\...


In general, yes, points gained on answers that get deleted because the question gets deleted are lost. However, if your post satisfies both of: has score at least three was visible on the site for at least 60 days prior to deletion then you get to keep the points. See this blog post by Josh Heyer, aka Shog9. Thus, in the specific case you keep the ...


You should not repost the question. Instead you should edit the original question and explain how exactly it is different from the indicated question and why the existing answers there do not answer your question. Once this is done, your original question can be reopened.


The following: $$\left.\begin{array}{c} 5\\ 6 \end{array} \right] \quad 2\quad \left[\begin{array}{c} 1\\ 2 \end{array}\right.$$ is produced by $$\left.\begin{array}{c} 5\\ 6 \end{array} \right] \quad 2\quad \left[\begin{array}{c} 1\\ 2 \end{array}\right.$$ You can make the number smaller and/or add space by including blank lines, e.g. $$\left.\begin{...


You can define macros in MathJax. As far as I can tell, you cannot use numbers in macro names. For example, this defines a macro called \Rsq which then types $\newcommand{\Rsq}{\mathbb R^2}\Rsq$. $\newcommand{\Rsq}{\mathbb R^2}$ $\Rsq$ Macros can also use parameters. For example, the macro define below can be used as $\newcommand{\Map}[3]{{#1}\colon{#2}\to{...


It isn't pretty, but: $$ \left. \begin{matrix} 5\\[5ex] 6 \end{matrix} \right] \begin{matrix} \\ 2 \\ \\ \end{matrix} \left[ \begin{matrix} 1 \\[5ex] 2 \end{matrix} \right. $$ $$ \left. \begin{matrix} 5\\[5ex] 6 \end{matrix} \right] \begin{matrix} \\ 2 \\ \\ \end{matrix} \left[ \begin{matrix} 1 \\[5ex] 2 \end{matrix} \right. $$


One should not edit a question in such a way that it renders existing good answers invalid. If you do not note the error in time, just leave the post around if it makes sense. Yes, it is alright to ask the originally intended question in a new post, and it is also fine to self-answer it if you want to do this. To avoid confusion, I recommend to write a ...


In order to get the preferred notation in accordance with ISO 80000-2, use $$\sum\limits_{i = 1}^n {a_i}$$ $$\sum\limits_{i = 1}^n {a_i}$$ However, the following notations are also used $$\sum\nolimits_{i = 1}^n {a_i}$$ $$\sum\limits_i {a_i}$$ $$\sum\nolimits_i {a_i}$$ $$\sum {a_i}$$ $$\sum\nolimits_{i = 1}^n {a_i}$$ $$\sum\limits_i {a_i}$$ $$\sum\...


Yes. Do not type the \textsc part into your answer, and if you copy-paste, then remove it. If you want a less-manual hack, go to the start of your text: M-x replace-regexp <RET> \\textsc{\([^\}]*\)} <RET> \1 <RET> This should do the trick.


To make my comments into an answer: Firstly, you can define it manually, so \operatorname{sech}(x) renders as $\operatorname{sech}(x)$. A more fancy way is to put \DeclareMathOperator{\sech}{sech} somewhere in your post, and then \sech will work everywhere in the post. For example, I'll declare the operator (invisibly) here: $\DeclareMathOperator{\sech}{...


Kindly, don't hide my this legal inquiry like so many other topics of mine that had been hidden in so many mathematical sections at SE where not a single convincing reason was provided by all the moderators who deliberately have hidden so many other true proven discoveries of mine and since many years as well Nobody has hidden any true discoveries of yours. ...


Use single dollars and \displaystyle and be sure to place spaces outside the dollars: Text before If I want to write $\displaystyle 2=1+1=2(0.5+0.5)=\sum_{n=1}^40.5=\sum_{n=1}^21$, this is happening but now it looks fine, at least to me, and the paragraph continues neatly. Text after


Lets see, Potential to cite later = proof you were first. Questions and Answers no longer are creators property by site decorum. Copyright notice, is a way to be marked as spam as you're simply avertizing your own services. If the answer was simply a rant, like your comments, it has potential to be marked as not an answer. If you don't believe the ...


That's a feature. The two dollar-sign method is supposed to break the stuff between it onto its own line. Is this what you're trying to do? $$2=1+1=2(0.5+0.5)=\sum_{n=1}^40.5=\sum_{n=1}^21\text{this is happening}$$


If you just want to make the fraction smaller, you can write: \tfrac M N $$ \tfrac M N \quad \text{versus} \quad \frac M N $$


Markov Chains This is a heuristic solution for coding Markov chains in Mathjax using a combination of commutative diagrams, the encircle tool and font sizes. There are a few minor issues with this method, for instance the arrows' ends should be attached closer to their targets. Also, it lacks double-headed diagonal arrows and it is difficult to attach ...

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