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The text you quoted, " ... (Private feedback for you)", refers to a part of the Closed Question banner that is only visible to you and to users who have enough reputation to vote to reopen it. I have now left you a Comment, although I was not one of those who voted to close it, explaining why your Question is not suited to Math.SE. The fact that ...


Ya it was a bug. Now the bug has been fixed as claimed over here. As you can see the edit history the profile pic error has just been sorted 1 hour ago. When I clicked on your photo I can see that now your purple pic is coming. Even community profile pic issue has also been sorted.


[Converted from comment, at request of OP:] It's up to you. If the question is fully solved, write up the solution, post it as an answer, and give credit to the commenters who solved it or helped you solve it.


You asked about sandbox compared to "using the normal draft mechanism". I hope I understand correctly that by this you mean that you mean feature of Stack Exchange software that if you start to write a question (or an answer) and you not submit it, you can find it in the same place again later. (This feature was announced here: Allow questions to ...


What will happen when I write a comment longer than 600 words? As such nothing happens. When you will write the comment longer than 600 words and click on add comment it will display a message "Too long by $x$ characters" where $x$ represents total characters minus 600. Here is a refrence what happens when I enter something longer than 600 ...


So the problem is that how to flag comments in mobile say. So first of all go at the end and you will a find a option of "full site". For refrence- Just click on the full site button. Now you are in the laptop sized site mode. Now you can flag the comment. I want to now return to mobile site. How to do so: Just go at the most bottom and on the ...

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