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Here's a quick'n'dirty do it yourself: Click on the clock icon at the top left of the answer. Right click on the "Timeline for …" line near the top and grab the link URL. Paste it into a Answers_That_I_Want_To_Revisit file, possibly with a comment.


To the best of my knowledge SE will not disclose this information, and it might be illegal for them to do so in the given context. If you consider it as worthwhile you could ask SE directly using "contact us." I understand that the situation is not ideal and potentially frustrating, but I am afraid there is not much I can do related to this.


The first few are understandable. But I only understood the last one in the gold box after staring at it for a while. My issue was that there are in fact two(or more) separate equalities being asserted on the same line. The line break on mobile makes it especially bad. There is a line break on mobile because this is what Mathjax does to \displaystyle maths ...


I am asking now for an official moderator policy: should answers to PSQs be deleted or not? Or is it up to the mod, and it's ok to flag them? Or should they not even be flagged? We of course contact user that consistently answer PSQs, but I do not think we have a policy regarding deleting answers to PSQs, and I am not entirely sure we need one: if the ...


A list of all of the tags can be found by clicking on the "Tags" link in the left-hand sidebar. This link will take you to a directory of the tags used on the specific site or meta site which you are currently visiting. The directory of tags used on Math Meta includes the following header: Hovering over the red "moderator-only-tag" at ...


That question has no deleted answers. Being able to see deleted posts is something that you get when your reputation reaches $10\,000$; see here.


In the past, when a question was marked as a duplicate, the body of the question was automatically edited to insert a link to the duplicate question. Unfortunately, this leaves meta commentary in the body of the question. Meta comments don't belong in questions (or answers) and so this behaviour was changed (quite a while ago---the change was before my ...


Don't flag comments if you expect a response. The only response we, the moderators, can give to a comment flag is either delete the comment or decline the flag (we can decline & delete, obviously). If you expect any kind of answer flag the post itself. The flag you raised was marked helpful and the comment was deleted. That's all we can do with a comment ...


As mentioned in the comments, it seems very likely that you are talking about a deleted account. An account with userid 900638 called Waybig is still displayed in Google Cache, but not on the site. Since the deletion seem to be rather recent, you could check your favorites using this SEDE query: Questions favorited by a specific user. (The questions won't be ...

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