I am against this synonym. Although many discrete math problems are also combinatorics problems, and depending on your definition it might be that all combinatorics problems are discrete math problems, they don't mean the same thing. There are many many discrete mathematics problems that are not combinatorics problems, such as problems in elementary number ...


Its days are numbered, starting today. You've voted, and while a little controversial, we'll support your decision. What remains is just the 'final arrangements', so to say. We'll need some preemptive cleanup Things with the homework tag applied to them do tend to have some issues. Take a stroll to the end of the very long tail - use your flags and close ...


In the question I have mentioned several possible actions. To me the most reasonable seem to be creating a synonym betting $\to$ gambling. (I.e., with (gambling) as the master tag.) In this way when somebody asks a new question and wants to add a tag, if they start typing "betting" in the tag field, they will be shown the synonym. I am posting this as an ...


Resolved. collatz renamed to collatz-conjecture. Proposal: Rename collatz to collatz-conjecture. Although Lothar Collatz is most known for the $3x+1$ problem (the Collatz Conjecture), I don’t think their names should be used interchangeably. Furthermore, the latter tag has a more informative name. I posted this in the last Tag Management, but I only got ...


Resolved: The tag is now deleted I think java-applet should be removed. It has barely a relationship with math. Also, the tag is being abused for general questions about math and the Java programming language or questions about math and the JavaScript programming language.


If you think that the tags maximal-ideals and prime-ideals should be synonyms of ideals, upvote this answer.


Proposal to blacklist generalization Reason: It's overly broad and there is no real mathematical content in it. Also, the tag has been created and removed several times.


Resolved: Both homology and cohomology have been merged into (and made synonyms) of homology-cohomology. I propose merging homology and cohomology into something like, say, homology-cohomology.


Resolved: The synonym is approved. double-factorial should be a synonym of factorial. Link to the suggestion. The double factorial can easily be expressed in terms of factorials. In fact most questions currently tagged double-factorial involve some rewriting to factorials and then using properties of the factorial. Also, currently, 7 out of 9 questions ...


Proposal: Changing the tag name to something more descriptive might make it clearer to the user what the tag is intended for and thus incorrect use will be less likely. (And thus reducing the frequency of this problem in the future.) I would suggest divergence-vector-calculus or divergence-vector-field or something similar. This is the same suggestion as ...


Resolved. All questions with cohomological-operations have been retagged to cohomology-operations (or neither tag, in a few cases where the tag was inappropriate) and cohomological-operations will be automatically deleted soon Apparently we have tags cohomology-operations and cohomological-operations, with 10 and 20 questions respectively (including 1 with ...


I don't understand intended usage of integers. Perhaps it should be either made a synonym of elementary-number-theory or just removed. (Tag-wiki explains things like «The letter Z comes from the German word "Zahlen" which means "numbers".» but doesn't help much.) Upd. Many questions tagged 'integers' are obviously in need of manual retagging, I'm afraid. ...


I don't have much to say about what is going to happen. But I do want to point out something about what is going on. This point was sorta brought up by another user, but the answer was deleted. There are people currently removing the homework tag manually from questions. But I have seen some users removing it from "famous" questions which are old, ...


Resolved I don't care too much for homomorphism. It lumps together questions about homomorphisms in different algebraic structures, which work quite differently, in general. Therefore, few users will find it convenient to ignore or favorite. The tag for each of these algebraic structures necessarily includes questions about homomorphisms between those ...


Resolved: fixedpoints renamed to fixed-points. For consistency with other multiple-word tags. Separating words with hyphens increases readability.


I have no strong feelings about whether there should be a separate tag about the number 'e'. (It was convenient way back when, when most of the questions tagged 'e' is about the function $e^x$.) I do think that the names can be confusing, whenever something has to do with Euler. Maybe, if we want to rename: For the number '$e$', name the tag 'eulers-...


In general, yes The use of overly-specific tags is to be discouraged. This is because that every question can only have five tags, and that tags serves a function of helping organisation and finding of questions. Personally, in this specific case, I think the tag is not very useful. But I would point out that there also exists the graph-isomorphism; ...


Resolved: The tag is now deleted I think hardware should be removed. Out of the 9 questions, I think there are only 2 or 3 with the right tag. Most of the other questions use hardware when math-software or neither should be used. I think this will need some manual retagging.


Resolved. generalizedeigenvector has been renamed generalized-eigenvector. Proposal: rename "generalizedeigenvector" to "generalized-eigenvector" Pledge originally initiated by WillG in this suggested tag wiki excerpt edit. I support this proposal since it's a common pratice to separate words with hyphens in tag names in order to increase readability, ...


Resolved: It is now a synonym of field-theory. Do we really need algebraic-closure? (This tag is still at large, can we do something about it?)


Exactly how many active users do we have? I would suggest that 156 is a tiny fraction. I've been an active user of the site for a couple of years and had no idea that this discussion was taking place. I find it questionable that a discussion with a different web address (meta) can impact on the ordinary site. It seems a little like me getting a few of my ...


Resolved. The tag span is now synonym of linear-algebra. I also suggest a removal of the tag span. It isn't really that meaningful to warrant its own tag. Often in linear algebra, we are considering spans of vectors implicitly. If the tag was being applied correctly, a large portion of the questions concerning linear algebra would be tagged span.


Resolved: manually removed from all questions. (antipodal) seems too specific and unused to be worth having.

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