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Proposal: Combine ceiling-function and floor-function, maybe into ceiling-and-floor-functions. This feels similar to limsup-and-liminf: yes, there are results that deal exclusively with one of the two (for instance, Fatou's Lemma and liminf; or questions about Waring's problem and floors), but the two functions feel like two sides of the same coin. There are ...


Proposal: Make division-ring a synonym of division-algebras. I don't think there is much difference. We can argue whether a division algebra is always associative or not. I wrote the tag wiki with octonions in mind, and phrased it "inclusively". A division-ring is surely always associative, but does that warrant having two tags? I think not. ...


Proposal: Create the tag schur-functions. The Schur functions $s_\lambda$ are an important basis for $\mathrm{Sym}$, the graded vector space of symmetric functions, and they are very important in combinatorics. There are around 60 questions which can benefit from having this tag. Searching for "Schur functions" is:q returns 26 hits. Searching for &...


Proposal: Eliminate the discontinuous-functions tag. It seems clear that the continuity tag is enough for questions about discontinuous functions.


Proposal: eliminate the tag expression-simplification The tag expression-simplification has 150 questions under it. As a rather vague tag, it has seen a spike of usage in the past few months (I have already removed it from the 20 most recent questions). Leaving it untouched will only confuse more newbies about which tag suits the question best.

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