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The (homework) tag should be burninated and blacklisted. This means that we will request the SE team to completely remove the tag from the system and ensure that it cannot be re-created. This will result in a large number (at present over 900) of untagged questions, which will be the responsibility of the community to fix. Upvote this answer if you agree ...


Please do not downvote this answer YAY!


If for no other reason than to filter out such questions for those who don't want to take the time to analyze a proof, I think this is a good idea. When someone has some time and feels like reviewing and critiquing, this tag should be just right. I think that this tag would be useful.


The (homework) tag should be left as is. Upvote this answer if you agree with the above option. (Downvotes will be ignored, so please do not downvote.)


I played with the layout settings and made this version: I feel like with this layout you can more clearly see the shape of the connectivity between tags. For example, the arrangement seems to be stretched out along a discrete/continuous spectrum. But on the discrete side, there isn't a lot of overlap between the algebraists and the computer-sciencey types.


I am posting this in order to give users an opportunity to vote for an opposite proposal. (Since it is a pretty radical change, I think we should also weigh the arguments against the removal of the tag.) I am making this post CW - feel free to add arguments why you consider this tag useful. Why the homework tag could be useful: It helps users who do not ...


I did this. Sorry if this was inapproriate. I know it's not a good idea to edit many questions in a short time span, but I thought 10 was acceptable. With regard to the tag creation, however, I was not aware that it's inappropriate. I'll take note of the various opinions expressed here, for the next time I have such an idea. Note that (I believe) it was my ...


Please do not vote down this answer. Please vote this up if you think that blacklisting the number tag is a good idea.


I think that you suffer from a case of specialist's myopia. As I may have also been diagnosed with it let me elaborate. The calculus (or elementary number theory, not to mention high school level stuff) questions get a lot of attention in comparison to more specialized tags simply because there are more users A) understanding what the question is about, ...


No, obviously not. The term "inequation" is not commonly used in English and in my experience its usual meaning is for statements with a $\neq$ sign, rather than inequalities that are to be solved as the tag creator seems to intend. In any case, there is certainly no reason to have such a tag to contrast with inequality, since the distinction is not sharp ...


In the question I have mentioned several possible actions. To me the most reasonable seem to be creating a synonym betting $\to$ gambling. (I.e., with (gambling) as the master tag.) In this way when somebody asks a new question and wants to add a tag, if they start typing "betting" in the tag field, they will be shown the synonym. I am posting this as an ...


This is not an answer for or against the proposal. This is merely some comments about the technical aspects of the proposal: I think that we can in fact ask SE to nuke the entire tag and blacklist it, if that is what people want. (There are already a few tags that are explicitly blacklisted; examples include the old "algebra" tag (now split into abstract-...


proof-theory If your question is not about the area of mathematic logic called proof theory, do not use the proof-theory tag. Questions requesting proofs for a particular statement, or about how/why a particular proof of a statement works, should be tagged with the mathematical subject the statement lies in. This tag is almost universally used ...


IMO this tag is unnecessary, nested-radicals describes these questions well enough.


Resolved: The tag is now deleted I think java-applet should be removed. It has barely a relationship with math. Also, the tag is being abused for general questions about math and the Java programming language or questions about math and the JavaScript programming language.


In general, I prefer more tags to fewer tags. Assuming I would like to read all calculus questions (heaven forbid), it's a lot easier to mark calculus as a favorite tag than to have to keep track of dozens of sub-tags. Related: I was just getting a little annoyed with another user who removed the in my opinion most relevant tag from a bunch of his (own) ...


The tag real got deleted, and I now just recreated it (only to remove it again). It instantly had again the 22 followers. It appears that the guess that followers are preserved was spot on. This is by-design, see False 'followers' in the tag popup? as it is even possible to follow tags that never existed, due to the way things are implemented: one ...


If you think that the tags maximal-ideals and prime-ideals should be synonyms of ideals, upvote this answer.


It is tremendously dissatisfying how many people use MSE as a source for homework/test answers. The issue behind what you talk about, i.e. how are homework questions received here, is one that is frequently asked around here. There is an argument that being a repository where students can freely and easily cheat does a disservice to both the educational ...


Resolved: Both homology and cohomology have been merged into (and made synonyms) of homology-cohomology. I propose merging homology and cohomology into something like, say, homology-cohomology.


Resolved: The synonym is approved. double-factorial should be a synonym of factorial. Link to the suggestion. The double factorial can easily be expressed in terms of factorials. In fact most questions currently tagged double-factorial involve some rewriting to factorials and then using properties of the factorial. Also, currently, 7 out of 9 questions ...


A user created the sangaku tag then edited ten questions to include that tag, all in a short span of time. The user then created descriptions for that tag. As has been pointed out in the comments below, some users consider very inappropriate the editing of many old questions in a very short span of time, and some consider very inappropriate the addition of ...


I don't think this tag is useful.

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