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What is "the intuition behind a result"?

I posted this question regarding intuition of denseness not too long ago, so maybe I can shed some light on your question by explaining this from my point of view. If I wanted a definition of ...
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What is a "PSQ"?

To answer the first question, the acronym (or some might prefer initialism) PSQ, is derived from Problem Statement Question. In its purest form it is a question post that only contains the statement ...
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What is "the intuition behind a result"?

(I once asked a question about the intuition behind the dual problem in optimization.) As a math learner I've frequently had the experience of reading a proof and being convinced by it, and yet ...
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What is "the intuition behind a result"?

A really simple example that came up in the class I teach today... In probability you can define independence in the following way: "Two event $A$ and $B$ are independent if $\text{Pr}(A\cap B)=\text{...
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How to ask a question which has to use terminology from a foreign language that doesn't have an accurate translation in English?

It is not necessary in any circumstance I can conceive to have a word-for-word translation in order to pose a problem that can be resolved by mathematical reasoning. Math.SE Questions should use the ...
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What is "the intuition behind a result"?

When people say intuition, they mean two different things, which are often treated as the same: Heuristics. A continuous map of topological spaces is one such that the inverse image of an open is ...
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