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So how do I log out now?

Pretty much the same as before. Only the button moved to a new location. In the top bar, it is the right-most button, with the icon that looks like the SE logo. Clicking on it will open a menu which ...
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13 votes

Why does the top bar nag me to review close votes occasionally?

As mentioned in a comment this is to draw your attention to the fact that there are relatively many pending review tasks. Thus, if you see it and are willing to help out click on it to visit one of ...
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6 votes

Css-update with bug?

Today, a new topbar was rolled out. One of the changes is the location of the site-switcher, which is now on the right. The Stack Exchange logo on the left now takes one to https:/ ...
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3 votes

Reputation numbers and the meaning of some items in my control panel.

The number in the top bar is the total of your reputation points on the site (these are 437 at the moment). Having many points gives you additional options on the site; for example once on has 50 ...
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