There is no way in the interface, but you can edit the URL directly. For example, search for "group" and click to get to the second page then the URL is something like this https://math.stackexchange.com/search?page=2&tab=Newest&q=group Note the page=2, change the 2 to whatever page you want. This not specific to search, but also works on ...


Sorry about that... turns out that the markdown parsing process for links in comments is slightly different than the one we run for posts. I have a fix ready for this issue, but I'd like to have it reviewed and do some more testing, so I'm going to hold off until tomorrow morning (NYC time) to deploy it. In the meantime, editing the affected comments ...


After click "Close" in the "Close" dialog, it turns out that it's just a review-audit. From this, one can conclude that in a review-audit, a review target flagged as a duplicate won't have the "Duplicate" tabbed pane. In this case, this conclusion helps the reviewer know a priori that the review is actually a review-audit.


In the footer to the right it says "full site." Click this and you are back to normal.


As has been said already, the rep score under any chat user is the network-wide reputation. Note that reputation from other Stack Exchange communities is included even if it is less than 200 rep. This applies to badges as well. Perhaps this is obvious, but the stated rep score under a chat message does not change after the user earns more rep - it will be ...


Thanks to the comments, I've realised that it's in fact the total network-wide reputation.

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