We are putting this into our bug-duty rotation and should get to this within a few weeks. (Sorry it's taken 8+ years!)


Comments require a minimum of 15 characters, and may be no more than 600 characters long. The intended use for comments is to ask for clarification and/or to suggest changes to a post. Such requests should almost certainly require more than 15 characters to make clear—the average word in English is somewhere around 4–5 letters long, which means that a ...


The badge was awarded for a vote you cast for someone else's answer. You removed the vote literally one second after you cast it, which might be the cause for your confusion, though — as that means it's not recorded in your voting stats, as your screenshot shows. I'm marking this as status-bydesign since I'm thinking of the badge as an award for discovering ...


As of now (thanks to your request), there is a new feature released network-wide (including Stack Overflow for Teams) where users will be shown a character count starting when the Title hits 100 characters. The count will appear above the right end of the Title input box and will function in the same way as the character counter used elsewhere on the site (...


In fact, in the blue box, the users are arranged in ascending order of their user ID. To verify this, one might move the mouse over the link of each user. That would display a tooltip text showing the URL of the user profile. The user ID appears in the middle of the URL.


https://math.stackexchange.com/users/229831/?tab=votes&sort=upvote Only you have access to this page, though, not even the moderators can see into its content. Anyone else can swap the number for their user number.


I read the announcement thread and the blockquote refinement is indeed a common problem among users. A kind user took the time and made a Google Chrome extension: Please revert the quote background from white to yellow I personally believe that this is not the best nor the optimal solution for this problem. However, I also believe this is the most ...


I agree that the current inconsistent situation is not ideal, but at the same time I do not see what exactly is proposed. Yes, question-titles are displayed inconsistently, but what should we do exactly? It seems to me the suggestion is to switch the display of titles to the serif font used for posts. But then, for example on the activity page, it would be ...


This is a bad situation. I disagree. This is an incredibly minor thing.


The font used question titles varies among the various stack exchange forums. Math.se has a serif font, as you noted. But for example Academia.se has a sans serif font: On the other hand, it seems that the items in the right sidebar use the same (sans serif) font everywhere.

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