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The option to go to the next page is the button with the triangle: Unlike the mobile apps, the mobile web version of the site is still supported, but Stack Exchange is in the middle of a multi-year program to switch to so-called responsive design which is supposed to look good and work well on desktop, tablet and mobile phones alike. The Q&A pages have ...


As @Brahadeesh notes, the question already had a pending suggested edit, which can be seen from the question's timeline: You would have been able to see the pending edit if you switch to the responsive mode with the 'full site' link at the bottom of the page.


Moderators don’t have (to my knowledge) the ability to add features to the site. But there already exists something like this in the meta site, the Sandbox. IMO this is too bothersome to bother with, I personally just deal with the raw LaTeX code which I am very used to. Furthermore, while it is true that the mobile website doesn’t let give you a preview of ...

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