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No one. But you need to differentiate between downvoting a post, and an upvote being invalidated. Accounts get deleted all the time for various reasons (e.g. self-deletions), and when those accounts have not made "a lot of impact", their votes are invalidated. I don't know if this is the case here, but that seems as the most likely scenario.


While I don't actually disagree with the sentiment in your question, I think an answer that points out what I see as the problems with your feature allows people to discuss better. So this is somewhat devil's advocacy and not outright opposition :) For your point a), I think there are times when you might answer a question without thinking it's worth an ...


Click on the arrow again, it will retract the vote without incurring a downvote. Once five minutes pass, the vote is locked and an edit is needed to change or retract it.


Just click the upvote button again to cancel it. (Or the downvote button, now that you've replaced your upvote with a downvote.)


I am adding this answer because the question came up again recently and, while much of what I wrote is a little redundant, there is an aspect of the culture of MSE which I think is worth discussing. In general, a vote on the main site indicates that a post is poorly researched or of low quality. On Meta, votes should, for the most part, be interpreted ...


I had the same doubt today, concerning this question. In the end, I decided to vote to close it as a duplicate. But now I think that the only case in which it would be useful as a duplicate was if the title of the question was a good title, as far as searches are concerned. In this case, it is not. I suppose that, in the future, my option will be to vote to ...

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