Aye! This awesome dude knew how to wear hats, and so do we! Image of Fejér Lipót from wikipedia, by user MessinaRagazza


Of course we want hats! Like Emmy, we know that wearing a hat is ideal! Base photograph of Emmy Noether copyright Universitäts-Archiv Göttingen; found in the Oberwolfach Photo Collection.


YES!! This guy wore hats, and he turned out okay:


Yes!!! math.SE should surely join in on this fun! [Downvoting this answer will cause ZFC to be inconsistent.]


Nay! Like this great man we prove our theorems with our bare heads!


No!!! mathematics is serious business, and so is math.SE! [Downvoting this answer will ensure that Riemann's Hypothesis is false.]


NO!! Serious mathematicians like this guy would never be caught in a crazy cap:


The task for the Epiphany hat is to vote or post on January 6th (that is Epiphany, which is part of the Christmas holidays). This is visible before clicking on the hat. The text you ask about is Italian, yet does not explain the task. It seems to be a reference to a song that I am given to understand somewhat fits the context. It roughly means "The Befana ...


Hats are not wanted here! Like Emmy, we feel that being without a hat ought to be conserved! Photograph of Emmy Noether copyright Universitäts-Archiv Göttingen; found in the Oberwolfach Photo Collection.


In preceding years per-site moderators were asked what their site wants. On this site, the moderators then launched a poll to base the decision on that result. This year per-site moderators on sites that have a history of approving participation were not asked to begin with, and thus there was no trigger-event (or clear motivation) for a poll. If it is ...


We're in! I have informed the StackExchange team that we wish to participate in the Winter Bash. Find a comfortable snow bank for cover!


From Aarthi's answer on Meta Stack Exchange from a previous Winter Bash: So, the official answer is: we over-awarded the hat so that people in Auckland / Tokyo / Shanghai / Vanuatu wouldn't have to wait until their midday to receive it. ... This behavior will also occur for the other hats that are date-sensitive. This included L'Chaim, and will include Tis ...


So I guess you are talking about the Vote Early, Vote Often and Wireless hats, whose descriptions say, respectively cast a total of 250 votes on any seven consecutive UTC days vote on ten questions or answers using the Android or iOS app One thing to keep in mind is that Community has not earned either of these hats on math.se, but on other sites. ...


Interesting. Most other hats are positioned on the page relative to user's avatar (position: relative), but this one is given absolute coordinates, with respect to the upper left corner of the page: (position: absolute). Presumably, said coordinates are calculated after the page loads and the hat-adding script can see where the avatar is. Trouble is, the ...


Description of Kofia hat says first post between $12/26$ and $1/1$ As mentioned in this MetaSE post It has to be the first post you did on a site. So if you've already left a question or answer on a site, you can't earn that hat for that site If you still want to earn your hat you're welcome to make your first post on other SE sites.


Don't worry about why you earned something, and you don't know why you earned it. Instead, focus on the happiness it brings you :)


This is not a bug as description of Naruto hat on Winter bash page says. Post an accepted answer that receives no other votes for $12$ hours And according to your reputation history and statement in question your answer was up-voted within few minutes.


Even if a user's profile does not show the Winter Bash snowflake, you can see their hats by appending #winter-bash to the URL for their profile.


The Community user has very many votes attached, see https://math.stackexchange.com/users/-1/community?tab=topactivity A reason for this is that certain normal votes will be transferred to the Community user, mainly, to keep certain counts balanced in case of deletions. Another, and perhaps more relevant to this, is that certain flags will cause an ...


You don't earn hats on Meta, and you usually also don't get hats for things you do on Meta, unless the hat specifically says "do X on meta". Quoting myself from Why didn't (or did) I or some other user get a hat although the requirements were (or weren't) fulfilled?, Most hats are awarded for things you do on the main site, but there are a few* ...


The awarding of "hats" is a temporal activity carried out on the SE network around the change of the years, known as Winter Bash; by mid January all hats are gone. Very likely next December you can get new hats; the old stay still gone. For the most part "hats" are like "badges," that is one gets them automatically (see note at the end, though) for some ...


They're heeerreeeee... It should be pointed that the recent top-bar altering scripts are incompatible with the hats button. If you are interested in hiding the hats, or following your progress you will have to disable it (for the time being).


Searchable leaderboard is available; however the search is by user name, not by hat name. I don't think this is something we could realistically put in the data explorer. It would be a bit of a challenge because the event is very short-lived, and we'd have to do some interesting hackery to get the data into data explorer itself (creating the dump, dealing ...


As T. Bongers noted, one of the hats is actually three hats. But if you don't have that one, you can still wear multiple hats. It only takes a little Photoshopping. You can even wear the same hat twice: But with the built-in hat-adding script, you can't do these things. The script is buggy enough without multiple hat support.


Well, there is a sun hat: Where in the World... Your problem is known to the company; see for example this footnote to the Winter Bash 2015 blog: 1: As in the past, tradition defeated accuracy in the naming decision. Hopefully some of our summertime audience will be at least partially mollified by the fact that the Winter Bash site will be available in ...


Actually the hats are awarded on different opportunities and criteria are decided on different hats to whom the hat is to be given. The one who gives hats is Stack Exchange Site.


Yeah, it is the Hello World hat, which some google research seems to mean the user scored a +1 on their first question. It indeed seems to be a bug.

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