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Samuel Adrian Antz
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Currently M.Sc. student for both maths and physics. Interested in topology, category theory, quantum field theory as well as gravity. Liu Cixin (刘慈欣) turned my life around with his genius science-fiction trilogy consisting of:

  • The Three-Body Problem“ (三体)

  • The Dark Forest“ (黑暗森林)

  • Death's End“ (死神永生)

The trilogy tells a visionary and unique story going from the fall of Constantinople and the Cultural Revolution all the way to the end of the universe, from tiny ants to interstellar warfare and from a retirement home to our place among the stars. It includes profound thoughts about morality, ethics and philosophy and deals with human nature and the relation between science and truth.

It is just wildly imaginitive, really interesting.“ - Barack Obama

After reading the trilogy, I just could not stop thinking about the forename „Adrian“ for months for some strange reason and I later officially added it as my second forename after I started noticing why: The canonical short form appears in many mathematical terms like „Quadric“ and „Quadrillion“ or as an anagram in „Dirac“ (whose second forename was Adrien) and the last five letters match those of the adjective „Legendrian“ (whose first forename was Adrien). The full forename is even contained as an anagram in „Mandarin“ and its correct translation might have already been realized by me subconsciously from that of the character Frederick Tyler (弗雷德里克·泰勒) in „The Dark Forest“ and that of my own surname Antz (安茨) while learning Mandarin: It is Ādéliān (阿德里安), which is now a perfect anagram of the second forename of my little sister Sarah Adelina.

We mathematicians are all a bit wacky.“ - Paul Erdős

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