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What is the purpose of math.se; to learn to provide nice answers or just to get them?
10 votes

This site is what we make of it. People with more advanced knowledge (not necessarily smarter, just more experienced) can answer questions that beginning students often can't, so these questions ...

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What do you really like about working with/contributing to math-SE?
8 votes

The most interesting aspect for me is the "elementary puzzle questions", questions which are natural, require some thought, and are elementary in nature. In that respect, the advantage of Math.SE over ...

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Is it Discouraged to Write 'Thanks' at the end of one's Post?
Accepted answer
7 votes

It is customary in this site not to add Thanks at the end of the post, and by now this practice has become a faux pas. Whatever the original reasons and the perceived advantages of this choice, now it ...

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How can I put more space between words?
3 votes

Use LaTeX: $$ A.\, x+y \qquad B.\, 2x \qquad C.\, y+z $$

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Tag merging and synonyms
3 votes

Are we ready to follow up the suggestions in the following answer? The tags [recursive] and [recurrence-relation]

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Feedback on MathJax TeX rendering
0 votes

Works really slowly in Firefox 3.6.11 on MacOS X, perhaps for the reason mentioned here; it just takes ages until it starts rendering. In MO there's no delay but it's still a bit slow.

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