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What to do about extremely similar answers?
43 votes

If I am working on an answer, and I see the "New Answer" display, I keep working until my answer is done and then submit it. If the new answer is correct, and especially if it is similar to mine, I ...

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How can MathJax be used offline?
7 votes

I am using Qute at It works quite well. I can create a MathJax document, edit it until it looks fine, and then copy and paste the result into math.stackexchange. ...

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Is it OK for a user to ask other users to vote for him as a quid pro quo for voting their questions?
3 votes

I would say certainly not. However, I have adopted a few practices: First, whenever someone finds an error in one of my answers, I always upvote their correction. My hope is that this will encourage ...

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MathJax editing updates beta
2 votes

For offline editing on OS X, for math.SE, I am using MacDown from I find this extremely useful. I can grab an in-process answer on math.SE, continue with MacDown offline,...

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MathJax: better way to prepare a Math.StackExchange question?
1 votes

On the mac I use Macdown: The only problem I have is that it sometimes hangs with a spinning beachball. It will continue after 10 or more seconds - I just have to wait ...

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How to use normal text along with mathjax in same line?
1 votes

We know that $a=\sqrt{b}$. The above was entered as We know that \$a=\sqrt{b}\$.

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