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Downvotes on answers to 'poor' questions
Accepted answer
22 votes

Downvoting answers just because they are posted on a poor question is a bad practice. However when you hover over the downvote arrow it says This answer is not useful, one could argue that the ...

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How can I change my review decision?
3 votes

There's no way to change your review. But it isn't such a big deal since $6$ people are required to delete a question with "recommend delete" action (or delete vote) and "recommend close" usually ...

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Clicking ad Approach-0 downloads a file named "download"
2 votes

The owner or developer of approach0 fixed the issue, also as an precaution the ad was edited to https link.

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Where exactly is one supposed to downvote?
2 votes

There is no rule that prohibits you for up/down voting any question. I down vote questions which show no effort and likely won't help for anyone else visiting this site,questions which don't show ...

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