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15 votes

Why were my suggested edits rejected? Posters failed to transcribe book's question accurately. Omitted book version, exercise, page numbers

14 votes

Voting to close due to OP's unresponsiveness

13 votes

What should I do when I see a "pic-question"?

13 votes

Must low-quality questions be updated with edits instead of comments?

13 votes

Is a math quiz worth overlooking the rules?

12 votes

Why is this question not appropriate to the site ? How could it be made appropriate?

8 votes

"Post Answer" option for those mid-way writing despite "Closed" post

6 votes

Adding information from comments to an incomplete answer

5 votes

Why is the question too broad?

5 votes

Can we ask users to provide practice problems that aren't part of their problem set?

4 votes

Providing an answer for your own question

3 votes

How should we treat questions that implicitly ask for making a question clear?

2 votes

Why did 2 users reject my suggested edit for 2 typos? How can $P(M_2, C_2) + P(M_2, C_2) = 0 + 1/3$?

1 vote

Having a check sign for questions addressed but not answered?

-1 votes

Feature request: close reason "unresponsiveness".

-5 votes

How long should one wait before cross-posting?

-7 votes

Protocol for cross posting when question did not receive any response.