My website is http://www.bestbambooguide.com. At the moment I've been busily reviewing all sorts of bamboo products, which are amazing. I got a bamboo mattress and bedding and it improved my breathing so much that I started looking for other things made of bamboo. It turns out it's good for your health and the environment. I wish more people would use it. Bamboo really is an incredible plant. Of course, you see bamboo pillows advertised on TV, but those are sort of junk, and have so little bamboo that I think in the US they are forced to call it "Rayon from Bamboo" instead of trying to claim it is 100% bamboo. They also make bamboo sheets from the stuff. The biggest company is Cariloha, which is a huge chain and has stores everywhere selling bamboo sheets, bamboo underwear, bamboo socks, etc.

There's also a project from columbia university to make bamboo bikes in ghana. I don't know about that. I want to get a bamboo bike kit and build my own at some point, but even the kits are like $200 on amazon, so doesn't seem worth it since I can get a non-bamboo bike for much less than that. Oh well.

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